A Talk with the UK

The previous entry I pasted a relevant article titled Embarassing Chinese Passport. Thanks to the article– “A Test to be British” that I translated this morning, I surfed the Internet and found other unexpected info like where can Chinese passport holder go without visa, how to become American citizen, the fastest way to get your green card, solutions to immigration etc. Among all, the one that I pasted in my space stroke my sympathetic chord the most. It illustrates the difficulty of Chinese citizen travel overseas. One remark gives me deep impression that besides the passport of North Korea, the most useless passport is China’s. Even Vietnamese passport enable its citizen visa-free entry to the neighboring countries like Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and so on. China’s passport??? When will Chinese citizen be able to enter neighboring countries without visas? That day might come within infinite time…
I coincidentally bumped into my long-time old friend since childhood online. She is studying in the UK for her master degree. (yeah~another cut of my miserable memory.) I haven’t seen her online for a long time. I was glad to know she finally got her degree and the graduation ceremony will be held in two-week’s time. Now she’s working two part-time jobs and applying for a full-time. If all goes well, she hopes to stay in the UK longer. I am really happy for her. When I see my friends leading such a wonderful life, I ofen feel happy for them but also a bit sentimental about myself. Sometimes I am really afraid if I think too much or, perhaps desire too strong, I won’t be able to pull myself out of my sadness.
I remember Dad said to me a couple of times that it was difficult to predict the future of those who were able to do further study overseas. So to speak, he wanted me to be ready that I might not be able to see my friends who are now studying overseas. Quizas, quizas, quizas…after some years, things will change, so will people. If my friends find their hapiness abroad, they should stay where they are. That’s a natural decision. I sometimes see the shadow of Baoyu贾宝玉 (main character of “The Red Mansion of Dream”) on myself. The reason? He always thought about his death which in other people’s eyes, his thought was crazy and unhealthy. I don’t see this thought is unhealty or insane but reasonable, especially to those who are so emotionally involved with people and things around them.
I remembered I once laughed at people in the TV drama that A got his success and A’s friend B cried. Later C asked B why he cried. B said he didn’t cry for A but cry for himself that he hadn’t got his life together yet. But now I understood B’s feeling, because I am experiencing the exact scenario. Ha~ I also get to comprehend what my Dad means by saying “My heart sobs when facing this…” The feeling inside is so exquisite and mellow, perhaps only sensitive people can sense it.
May all my friends abroad, no matter Chinese or non-Chinese, girls or guys, having a splendid life!!! Amen!xoxoxo

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