Two more months, I will be one year older…*sigh*

I saw the calendar today and I was sensitive with the numbers “2” and “3” together when ignoring the “1” in front of “2.” Ha! Two more months from now, I will be one year older. Time flies, isn’t it? Every December, a familar feeling of warmth and coziness will come to me without reason. Although outside is windy and freezing cold, but inside me is so warm. In my city, I can see colorful lights are up in the Christmas tree, Xmas decoration is almost everywhere. Perhaps because of Christmas, I like December the most next to February–the birthday month of Mom and me. 🙂 I always dream about spending some quality time with the special people in my life in December.
Last year, I spent the Christmas all by myself. The most unforgettable thing is I attended a wonderful concert on Christmas Eve. And I happened to chat with an American guy sitting next to me about language and music. I was lonely but intoxicated by the Christmas lights at home flashing on my face. With the soothing Jazz, I went into sleep easily–I wasn’t afraid of darkness any more because of the colorful lights staying with me.  
This year, originally I planned to visit Hong Kong on the Christmas Eve, hoping to enjoy the western aura of Christmas. But I change my mind at last. I was disappointed but content at the same time. Disappointed that my Yankee friend would not return to China yet by Christmas; that the hotel cost in HK was bloody expensive during Christmas; that I suddenly couldn’t think of a name of soul who I wanted to meet in HK, so I gave up simply because I do not want to step on the earth of sorrow and nostalgia. Content that I will stay with my parents who need my love and support the most at this moment; that my very best friend is here with me this Christmas; that I will be able to attend a concert of fairy tale during Christmas. In fact, I will be a frequent visitor of the concert hall throughout December–because there are so many wonderful performances in December and I got the concert tickets for the ones I love. So to speak, I will visit the concert hall every weekend. Ha~ Am I a nerd? 
Last night I listened to a great concert about Latin Jazz. It was a band–the pianist is from Berlin, the vocal is from Cuba, the bass player is from New York and the drummer is from Germany. The bass player was amazing, so is the vocal. She has a very attractive voice and entertaining too. Unfortunately, my lousy Spanish only could help me understand simple words like “muchas gracias.” Who can be my Spanish tutor? In fact, I think I guess well though, coz when the Cuban lady asked the Chinese audience to join her singing, she first spoke Spanish, and later English. I think she kept encouraging us to follow her, saying “let’s sing together. Come on!” something like that in Spanish. I just laughed at myself about that.

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