第一次装扮圣诞树Decorating Xmas tree, first time and first joy!

昨天做了好多事啊!本来这个entry应该是昨晚写的,可是临睡前都要忙于写贺卡。一年一度的圣诞节在即,KC到大商场去逛逛,希望趁早买些廉价的“圣诞年货”,谁知?哎!一棵中型的无饰物的圣诞树居然要250块。KC马上反应出一句:“It’s drinking my blood!”于是,凭着模糊的记忆(KC一向都不记路名的)来到海珠广场,四处寻觅下终于来到曾经路过的装饰批发市场。哇!看到成行成市的家具饰物,KC非常吃惊。为什么去年我不会找到这个地方来入货呢?真笨!批发市场内有好多圣诞的东西卖,大至高高的圣诞树,小至圣诞饰物,重至木雕饰物,轻至圣诞贺卡……真是琳琅满目,应有尽有啊!KC左穿右插,货比三家,终于以合理的价钱(58块)买到了日有所思夜有所梦的圣诞大树啦,其实都不算太大,比自己高一点点。卖树的说是6尺高,可是6尺约1米83,买来的树最多只有1米75罢了。KC还买了一袋装饰物和彩灯,好漂亮啊!卖完东西,KC还不愿意走呢,因为实在有很多东西看,很多都令KC蠢蠢欲动,产生购买欲望。或者自己真的对圣诞节情有独钟吧,每每看到圣诞的饰物,KC就会心血来潮想一一拥有。哎!人的占有欲真可怕!
I wrote this entry in Chinese simply because I want to keep this special memory only to myself. I got a fake Christmas tree home yesterday at a reasonable price. It’s a bit taller than me although the seller said it was 6 feet. (No, I don’t think so. That’s almost the height of Mr. Right.:-) I also got quite a few ornaments and colorful lights for the tree. They are so pretty. I spent two hours putting up the Christmas lights and ornaments piece by piece carefully. Listening to the Christmas songs and decorating the tree, I felt undescribablely happy. It was my first time to decorate a big Christmas tree. The memory is fresh and the joy is memorable. I hadn’t been so delightful for a long long time. Looking at the tree in the flashing colorful dress, I was so content. From time to time I thought of my Dad. I hope he will be as happy as me when he sees my "masterpiece."
My friend is right that we should not dwell on sadness or past too long. Think about people around us, you will feel yourself are much better than the underprivileged. I am sentimental, I guess those who know me for years may recognize this trait of me. I’ll try to balance my mood but I can’t be indifferent. Last night before going to bed, I finished writing half of the cards that I need to send before this Xmas. Apparently, the number of mails I send this year is smaller than that of last year. Perhaps I’ve really grown up, starting to understand there are some so-called friends who are not deserved staying in touch–because no matter how many greetings you send them and  how many mails you write to them, they won’t reply to you and they may say too busy to send you stuff as promised. I should say I am used to hearing hot air. So this year, I eliminate a few names in my mailing list. I believe if it is really a true friendship, it should stand the test of time. Why always is me the first one to send greetings? Am I concerned about my friends? Yes I am, very much indeed. But I know sometimes I should learn to accept the fact that some friendship is fading away and just let it go. You can’t have too many friends, but in the meantime, only having a handful of friends is enough to me. I mean a handful, that is, no more than the fingers on my hands. 🙂 

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