No Title

Every time when I start updating the entry, I’ll have a tough time to figure out a proper title. Ok, from now on, I will just use "no title"–it’s quick and easy.  
This morning when I was on the bus to work, in a distance I saw a mother taking care of her sick child. "Oh thanks. I have no plastic bag to return,"said the mother to a stranger on the bus. I surmised that a female passenger gave a plastic bag to the mother for the boy was about to vomit. I was sorry for the boy. The mother thought there was a bus stop near the hospital, however, there was none. She was anxious to ask the driver if there was a stop. "Could you please just pull over here, please. My son is sick and he’s taking a leave from school to see the doctor. Please, the next stop is too far for us to walk back," the mother pleaded with the bus driver. (What happend next? Do you think the bus stopped or didn’t?) Ha,yes. The bus driver pulled over the bus and the back door was open. The mother and her son could get off the bus as wish.
I’ve encoutered quite a few bus drivers who stick to the principle that they won’t stop the bus until it reaches the bus-stop. So I won’t be surprised if this driver wouldn’t have stopped the bus. However, he did and he’s a humane driver. If this society has more humane people, there would not have been so many homeless and paupers on the streets.
Lately I discovered a number of materials for the "Speak Up" column. Ah, I suddenly feel energetic and wanna finish the work asap. But the tips of my fingers start to be numb with cold. 

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