Saturday Fever

I was transported to the good old days of Shakespearean time yesterday by watching an excellent play "The Winter’s Tale" performed by "Propeller Theatre"–an all male Shakespeare company. "The Winter’s Tale" is a tragic and comic play. The entire play lasted about three hours and was conveyed in authentic British accent. I don’t know since when I have been fascinated with British accent. I was amazed at the performers’ memory that they spoke OLD ENGLISH. Say, I am two and twenty, meaning I am 22; I know not, meaning I don’t know. Fortunately, there was subtitle on both sides of the theatre. I could follow the storyline pretty well. I gave much heed to the female roles particularly. How can a guy perform a female role? How does he interprete a woman’s inside feeling and feminine gestures? Those all take experience and skill. And I liked the actor Adam Levy, who played Paulina, the queen’s best friend. He was wearing a pair of high-heel shoes and a sexy tank shirt. His back view was really like a woman, especially his curly hairdo. Generally, the expression of the actors were marvelous. When they needed to cry, they cried; when smile, they smiled; when laugh, they laughed; when get angry, they got angry. They were just awesome!!! The play was a bit long, but I enjoyed it. Although I couldn’t follow some of the lines, the actors’ body languages outweighed everything. I hope in the future there will be more plays performing in my hometown. I was fortunate to chat with one of the actors by accident after the play. He was content with the compliments from us and he also praised my hometown was a lovely place, and the audience were great. I was happy to hear that.
Later in the evening, I was transported to the 19th century of Italy. "The Night of Verdi Opera Concert" brought the audience to relive the prime time of Verdi’s opera life. The first half of the concert was the excerpts from different operas like "II Trovatore","La Traviata", "Don Carol","Un Ballo in Maschera" and "Falstaff." The sopranos, bass, tenors were all renowned singers. A couple of them were even the contracted Chinese singers of the New York Metropolitan Opera House. (Of course,they are now American citizens.) The conductor was great, too. He is an excecutive conductor of Central Opera House. So just seeing the stars shining on the stage, it was a delight to every audience. The second half of the concert was the Act II scene 1 and Act III of "Regoletto." The story told that Regoletto, an ugly and hucklebacked minister in duke Mantua’s court, mocked the duke who was very handsome but lewd to philander women. Finally, Regoletto’s daughter suffered the retribution caused by him. The second half of the performance had pushed the concert to the climax. The applause thundered forth at the end of the concert.
That’s my Saturday Fever. I had been at the concert hall for 12 hours–the first time ever! Next weekend I will come back to the concert hall for the complete performance of "La Traviata." I have seen the movie and the opera DVD but have never experienced it live. Next week, I will have my first time again. Am I busy on the weekend? Yes I am. I am busy enjoying myself in the musical world.

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