Aweful Sardine Journey

As usual the Monday rush-hour is horrible!!! Almost every bus is packed with passengers, espcially in the winter, people wear too much clothes and the bus seems to be even more crowded. With great effort, I managed to get on the bus to work this morning. But I was standing at the door, a lady was behind me and kept pushing–the door was barely closed. I tried to move but the guy standing in front of me was reluctant to cooperate. Holy shite!!! My hands were full with some heavy books and magazines and my lunch box. You can imagine how miserable I was!!! Stop after stop, the people on the bus were still motionless. I was getting p.o. and asked the man in front of me to move a bit or exchange position with me. I wondered if he was deaf!!! Still standing still… My awkward position made me cannot reach the handle, I was like a wobble tumbler. At one stop, I finally could move an inch. I put my lunch box next to a man’s seat so I could rest my paralyzed arm. However, two country bumpkins carrying two pails on the bus, following with a lady. Darn!!! I just got my tiny little space to stand with my back against somebody else’s back–tiring. That lady was trying to overtake the country bumpkins to stand in front of them. She strode over the pail and her foot was right landing on my lunch box. HOLY SHITE!!!! I immediately lifted up my lunch box. Luckily, I had a plastic bag protecting my lunch box. "Sorry!" She said to me at once. I continued holding my books and mags and the lunch box and kept moving ahead. These Chinese men are really getting on my nerves!!!! They never care about others but just standing where they are, never move. By the time I reached the back door of the bus, I could feel I was sweating… I kept asking these "deaf" people to move, but they just stolid. How many times my shoes were being stepped on? Quite a few times. Eventually, I got to my stop and I was the first one to get off the bus. But I noticed one of my favorite pin on my bag was gone–definitely was lost when being pushed in the sardine bus. Wooooo…You people are terrible!!!What an aweful sardine journey!!!

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