The African Soul of Kenya

This is the title of the travel article in March issue. I liked it a lot, not just the title but also the content. Today I sort of completed researching the pictures of Kenya.They are breathtaking! From Venice to Kenya, they’re completely two different worlds. I felt like I was travelling between these two places–I was embraced in the romance of the water city when scanning pictures of Venice one after another. I was totally intoxicated by its beauty and tranquility. When I stepped into the great land of wildlife, I was astonished at what I saw from the pictures and the description about Kenya. I sympathized those bony African kids–from their innocent eyes, they seem to tell me something like "I want to get out of the poverty." or "I want to go to school." The safari is spectacular. Seeing that boundless prairie is exactly what I am looking forward to. I know when you are really in the prairie, you will feel yourself is too small to mention. The weird shape of African trees, the surprisingly azure high sky, the Great Rift Valley, the BIG 5 beasts, the zebras, the giraffes, the pelicans, the flamingos…almost everything you cannot see in urban life, you can find here in Kenya.
My passion for this strange land in the "dark continent" grows as I get to know about the country gradually. Before I made up my mind to introduce Kenya in the travel column, I hesitated. I was not sure how much I would like this country, and how much I could make my readers enjoy reading this travel article. After surfing the websites and reading travel info from books, atlas and mags, I get to know more about Kenya and I still want to know more. Kenya is no longer a strang land to me now. The next task is translate the article into Chinese. That’ll take some time but I am sure my impression of Kenya will grow deeper afterwards.
The great contrast between Venice and Kenya is unbelievable. Suddenly I cannot tell which place I prefer but I like my decision picking these two places in the travel column. Kenya has brought me into the recognition of Africa. I even have more ideas about introducing other African countries in the future issues. I want to explore them all. The desire is almost like my enthusiasm for the architecture in Mediterranean area. May God give me more time to fulfil the task, or rather my dream.

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