Longing for the diminutives

When I was washing my lunch box, suddenly I had a weird thought–I wanted to hear someone called me sweety or honey, and I could be exempt from washing the lunch box in the frigid tap water. Ha, I must’ve been day-dreaming. For Chinese, we are a bit reserved to express our feeling, let alone using a term of endearment. At least, I’ve never heard of that “honey”, “sweetheart” thing between my mom and dad. Probably young Chinese couple would be bold enough to call each other in the endearing terms, but when they come to their parents or the elderly relatives, I bet they would just call their love one by name. 🙂
I personally like being called “sweety” by the ones I respect and the ones I like, cuz I can feel I am part of their life, at least among the favorite ones in their list. However, I am resistant to diminutives like “darling”, “baby” or “babe.” I know that’s very subjective–simply base on my own impression–they are very pretended and fake. The other day, my very good friend and I were discussing about “egg” and “banana.” (In case you don’t know, egg is outside white but inside yellow; while banana is the opposite.) I said my friend was an “egg man” for he has been living in China for some time, and he loves China more than his home country. My friend said I was a “banana girl” coz I am open about my thoughts, one thing is I call those who I care a lot with the affectionative diminutives.
I had an American friend. He used to be a journalist and he’s smart. I know he tracks down every word I say regarding the sensitive issues in my space. So I won’t feel surprise that with the help of his big mouth, he will let his friends visit my space. He’s a cautious man too. He’ll copy words that I write in my space. He thinks the words I wrote are pointing to him indirectly, say, my insult at hypocrites. Sometimes I hope we will have more diminutives than misunderstanding in our conversation. But it seems I am miffy at his misunderstanding very easily. Lately, he pointed out to me that I mistakenly wrote “Regulator” instead of “Rigoletto” in one of my entries. I didn’t make the mistake, the mistake belonged to the program pamphlet from which I copied the name in doubt. However, he still believed that was how I listened to the close pronunciation between the two words. Well, although my Spanish is just beginning, I can see the similarity between Spanish and Italian in pronunciation. How can he feigned such an “imputation” to me? I don’t understand my friend, neither does he although he’s trying to. Fair enough!
When you get up in the morning, the first sound you hear besides the alarming clock or the chirping birds is “Good morning, honey!” How sweet it is!
When you come home from work, opening the door with your weary body, the first greeting you hear besides the cooking noise or the undistinguished TV news is “Hey sweetheart, how was your day?” How sweet it is!
When you go to bed, before closing your eyes to look for your dream, the last word of the day you hear is “Sleep well, sweety! Good night.” Oh, that’s the diminutives everyone is longing for, isn’t it? (I must’ve watched too many soap operas. Hahaha…)

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