An eventful journey

I witnessed a crime on the bus today. I was frightened and angry at the same time. I saw the thief unzipped the lady’s purse with the disguise of his big black handbag. She cried for help and fortunately she found her wallet on the floor–the thief gave up, perhaps he was scared, too. He got off the bus at the same stop as the lady and me. Actually he was in front of me when getting off the bus. I was sad that I didn’t have the gut to report what I saw to the lady after getting off the bus. On the bus I was afraid the thief had weapons. If I were strong enough and knew some Kongfu, I would not be hesitant to arrest the thief. On my way home, I walked in a dark street and I was still thinking about the scary eventful journey on the bus…Two guys were walking behind me close enough that I was scared that they would be mobsters of some kind. After letting them walk ahead of me, I felt a bit relieved.
I wasn’t planning to mark down these words but if I don’t, memory will just leave me. I will be guilty for not exposing the fact. So I did write it down eventually. All of a sudden, I feel myself so weak, so vulnerable and so helpless…

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