The latest night to get off work

It was 6:40 PM that I left last night. It was the latest night that I got off work. Then I went to the Taiwanese restaurant with my friend for dinner. I spent some time wrapping the Xmas gifts in the evening. The Xmas tree at home looks really great now, with many gifts piling up at its foot. However, the black out came before I went to bed. And where I live was all pitch black. I couldn’t do anything except going to bed early. My friend told me that ten months after black out, there’ll be usually many babies born in the States. Haha, at first I didn’t know why then he added, many couples went to bed earlier than usual in the black out evening. I wondered if in the medieval time human beings were very productive. Just a gag!
Today is Winter Solstice. It is a big holiday in China. Elderly people say Winter Solstice is more important than Spring Festival. Why? Take a look at the travel column of CE:Teens December issue, you’ll find the answer.  I don’t know if this is a sign of rebellion but I certainly will be happier if the Chinese festivals receive higher concern and attention than western ones. Tomorrow I will attend a concert with friends. The concert is about some children performance for Christmas. I believe it will be much more wonderful than the one on the Xmas Eve. Suddenly I have an idea about how to spend a special Xmas this year. I will read the Bible and sing the carols with my friend. He probably can join me to say a prayer to God together. It may sound traditional but it will be fun to do. I have attended the Sunday Bible reading a couple of times and it was kinda formal, maybe a bit solemn too. I’m gonna change it, making the style more lively. Haha!
This morning I saw two funny things–when I was walking downstairs of my building, I saw a lady’s jacket whose back wrote "You’re looking at me now." Heehee, that was creative. If there was a sensor or something which can convey the message to the wearer, that’d be PHAT! I walked over the fly-over to the company and saw a professional beggar taking off his sock, there showed his deformed foot. Ugh! That was disgusting!!! He was just beginning his new day of begging on the fly-over. Well, the tape of my memory is rewound to yesterday morning, I saw a Xmas tree standing at the door of a drugstore on my way to work. At the bottom of the Xmas tree, guess what were the presents??? Ha! Exactly, there were boxes of medicines. They were certainly the healthiest Xmas presents, weren’t they? I told my friend about what I saw and he said, probably there was Viagra among the boxes. Who knows? And in the nearby supermarket, the security guard was in Santa’s outfit. Oh my! Since when has Santa been on guard? That’s Chinese Xmas! We surely implant new meanings for the holy Christmas. Ho ho ho! 

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