The Way You Look Into My Eyes

These days I have been thinking about what will attract me in terms of a human being, say a guy. His figure? No. His facial feature? Close. His eyes? Bingo! It’s very likely that the pull comes from the eyes through eye contact. This morning when I sat in McDonald’s for breakfast, I noticed there was a sign listed several rules for the waiters and waitress. One of them was "Eye Contact." That is essencial to all professions, and even to seek for a perfect match. We say the eyes are the window of the heart. Through the eyes, we see the inner world of the person. I have been looking into people’s eyes when they speak as well as when I talk to them. Indeed, the way you look into my eyes is different. Everyone is different–blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes and even blind, I have looked into them all. Apperently, some will be shy if you stare into the eyes too long; some will speak faster or shut the mouth all of a sudden; some will become serious out of the blue; and I know (and I might can even feel it) that some hearts beat faster.


Thinking back, the movie stars that I like very much, all have great expression in their eyes. Those are the heart killers!!! In reality, his eyes looked a bit like Bruce Willis–I thought about why the other day, and I figured out the reason–the similarity between his eyes and Bruce’s eyes. They seem to convey a message which cannot be expressed by words when those two eyes are fixing on you. They certainly capture my heart. When I surfed the Web for the pictures of Kenya, those eyes from the African children also captured my heart. Do you see the one of a girl carrying a bag of something on her head in my space photos? Yes, that’s it! That’s the expression of the eyes that I am talking about. And the other children’s eyes show the eager of learning, really impressive! That’s how these pictures drew my attention and I took them for the travel column.


You may have found this scene funny and familiar–a guy is standing in front of the mirror, expressing himself with different tones and posing different gestures. Yeah, do you notice his eyes? They tell you all about what he wanna say and how he gonna express it. When I was younger, I did that often too–speaking to myself through the mirror. I looked into the eyes of me in the mirror and talked, even when I was sad and cried, I looked into the mirror, seeing my reddish tearful eyes. The memory is still fresh in my mind. 


If we say human being has a complicated mind, then our eyes are just the reflection of our complicated mind–they are complex and expressive too. I once watched a flick about a blind massagist fell in love with his client. He received surgery on his eyes to get back the vision but it didn’t last long, he lost his eyesight eventually. But during those days that he could see the world, see the people especially the one he loved, he cherished every chance he had. He read a lot–a lot of photo mags, from National Geographics to glossy fashion mags. Those days were precious to him–from the dark world to the bright and colorful one, and then return to that lonely dark world again. What a chance! At least he had seen the world with his own eyes before. The story was very touching and in fact it was based on true story. I have visioned the similar experience may fall onto me since I watched that movie. So I grab every opportunity to see things and people that I am curious about. The visions in my mind are flicking like a page-turner. What can you see into my eyes? Probably some blurry images or undescribable expression.


It only takes an opportunity. I’d like to switch the topic a bit. I also wonder how come so many teenagers in the US and the UK become celebrities when searching pictures for my columns. Yes, it only takes an opportunity. Think about if Hilary Duff or Limsay Loham or some other popular chicks as long as you can name it, wasn’t born in a material and prosperous country which has a thriving entertainment market, can they be such famous around the world? Obviously, the answer is a big NO-NO. The enviroment is the key to success. I start to understand it day by day. Let’s go back to those hungry and thirsty eyes of the African kids’, I am sure some of them can create a great career in the future if condition permits. But the fact is they are under poverty, that’s the limitation to grow stronger and better. If the American teen stars weren’t born in such a superpower but in the arid wilderness, can they still be so glamorous? Can they still proudly claim "I won’t wear the same clothes over and over again."? I doubt it. If you look into my eyes, you will feel my honsty and sympathy for the miserable aspects of life. When friends keep telling me that I will have a good future if I continue to write with my ardent heart, I only can say it all depend on the opportunity, to be exact, the enviroment. I reemphasize my point: the enviroment is the key to success. And all it takes is only an opportunity.


You know, the way you look into my eyes is special, because you have read this entry patiently, which in fact, it reflected my heart and my mind. I appreciate your kindness. Merry Christmas!!!  


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