Big Discoveries!!!

Prelude: When I almost finished composing this entry, the Internet was suddenly offline. So all I wrote was like fireworks–beautifully written in the space and gone within second! Rats!!!
While I was chatting with my friend Wendy who is studying in London on MSN, I found out some big discoveries about her life and realized my prophecies. In the meantime, I understand myself a little better…
Discovery 1. She’s going to move out of the dorm on campus and live with her former roommate outside of school. In her opinion, it will save her money, at least 100 pound per month. I hadn’t known about it until she told me!
Discovery 2. She’ll travel with her friends to Switzerland on Jan. 8 for four days. She said the living cost and transportation in Switzerland is expensive. But she doesn’t need a visa to Switzerland because she has a British visa. Wow, how great it is! Well, however, she hasn’t mentioned it in her space either.  
Discovery 3. I once left a message in her space half a year ago that if you just arrive in a new enviroment, you can’t wait to write down everything in detail; three months later you may still can write a couple of paragraphs; one year later you probably can write a few lines about your life; but some years later you may write nothing about it. All it takes is persistence. Here it is. Now she’s been in London for more than half a year. And apprently her enthusiasm to write dwindles gradually. I don’t feel surprise to find out that. In fact, she admitted my point was right. She doesn’t update her space as regularly as before. Some people were born to be writers, while some don’t. I cannot say I am a writer but I keep up with my writing. And my entries are still in a lengthy fashion after a few months. That’s the persistence I am talking about.
Discovery 4. Since she is going to Switzerland, I told her what I learned about Europe through my brief conversation with a Dutch, a Hungarian, and even German and Frenchmen. She agreed with my suggestions. Suddenly I was content with my knowledge although I haven’t been to Europe before. Those bits and pieces that I have learned from my friends are as useful as the research my friend is doing. Ha…I guess I can be a jack-of-all-trade to blindfold those who haven’t been abroad. I remembered once when my Kiwi teacher chatting with me, she commented that I knew a lot about the world that her other students had no clue. That time I didn’t know what she meant and took it for granted. Because since I was 13-year-old, my family-like friends from the States have been telling me things happened in their hometown and their country. I felt like listening to someone telling me stories… Yeah, my universal friends are the sources of my knowledge. And now my job offers me another opportunity to get to know about the world. I shouldn’t feel miserable about the fact that I haven’t been to places I wish to visit very much. I envy my friend that she can see something real in person, meanwhile, I am content with my knowledge. It’s just like you can be an expert of American culture without stepping on its soil. Of course, it’s a matter of experience that you lack.
Discovery 5. I find out my friend Wendy is actually not lonely but happy with her British life. She has mentioned about seeking for a boyfriend and in need of a male company. I chuckled at myself–my stupidity to imagine the non-existent HIM in my life. Daddy Dave once asked me how come I hadn’t been on a date. I told him I had a gypsy spirit but pauper condition. I choose to "love" money more. Ha! I guess every adolescent girl has fantasies for cute guys. Now she’s got a big stuff bear as Christmas gift. I told her that she could get a bear hug when she felt lonely. I look forward to knowing the real HIM in her life. God bless!!! 

One thought on “Big Discoveries!!!

  1. hahahaha….really big discoveries~~ i didn;t realize that u can find so many interesting things in my life~~~hahahai haven;t lost my enthusiasm for writing blogs. the reason for not upgrading my space regularly is that i have friends in my flats in the past 4 days,spending christmas holiday with me…so it was not convenient to write blogs sometimes~~~

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