Open the presents

Wow! I had a fruitful Christmas this year. Last night I finally had a chance to open the presents at the bottom of the trees. I was so happy and nervous at the same time. I had never opened so many presents at a time. Thank you so much to those who sent presents to me! I opened the presents carefully for fear I would break the contents. I received candies, stuff animal, candle, cup, coins and stamps, tote bag, jeans and coat, calendars, books…oh so many, I was very touched, especially those sweet holiday cards (both hard copy and ecards). Thank you, thank you!!! 
I don’t know what to say but it was great to receive gifts. I love that tote bag very much. It has my initials on it. Wow, the bag becomes personal now because of the initials. This awesome gift is from Aunt Linda. Suddenly I felt the family warmth–feeling that you are part of the family is just so great. I have such considerate friends from everywhere. I am blessed. Have yourself a merry little Christmas!!!

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