The Last Day of 2005

If I say while you blink your eyes, one year has passed by during that transient moment, do you believe this is how fast time elapses.  On the last day of 2005, I was still working at the office. December 31, 2005 was a Saturday, remember that! After I came home from work, I realized a normal Saturday could be spent like a weekday, if we followed the daily routine.
I sent 2005 away with regret, sorrow and joy; at the same time, I greeted 2006 with hope, apprehension and anticipation. This is the first new year I have since I became a working girl. The good things about 2005 are:
–I got a satisfactory job, working as an English editor. From the first day–I was worried about my performance as I had never been working for a mag–till today, I’ve found more joy and interesting stuff in the mag publishing world, that is a leap. Probably because of my high efficiency, I am now in charge of the entire "Fun Factory" column so as to speed up the production time of our teen mag a bit. I have been telling my parents that although I didn’t become an English teacher, I am helping kids to study English indirectly. Or I can say, I enjoy my current role better–I dislike lecturing and grading exam papers. I prefer playing games and studying with interest. My thought somehow meets the purpose of the teen mag. I guess that’s the big feature of the teen mag, and also one of the major reasons why students like our mag.
–I graduated from university this summer. I remember four years ago I was crying for my pathetic University Entrance Exam score. I was afraid I could not get into university. Well, it turned out God didn’t desert me completely and I could enter university although it wasn’t the very one I wanted to study in the most. Anyway, in the past four years, I had proved myself as well as my classmates,teachers and people I worked with at my part-time jobs that, I was an excellent student and I was mistaken many times for the students from my dream university. Thank goodness! I met many interesting people and had some wonderful experience that my highschool classmates who were studying in my dream university couldn’t have. 
–I passed the TEM-8 (it is supposed to be the hardest English level test for English-major students). On the day when I found out my score, I felt like a rock weighed tons fell from hanging on my mind. This test should be the most challenging one I’ve ever had. I hate tests. Many classmates of mine have taken many tests to prove their capabilities, but me? I tried to avoid tests as possible as I could. But TEM-8 is a must for all English-major students. I had to eat it unwillingly and restlessly. I was blessed that I received the certificate.
–My over 5000-wds graduation paper survived from the stereotyped assessment board. After revising the paper over and over again, I finally excelled at the defence section. Phew! That was a risk! But somehow my graduation paper is still useful to my understanding of today’s teenagers. As a matter of fact, my work is involved with lots of teen issues. That’s what I said, my job keeps me young and update 24/7.
–Thank God that I finally saw snow in Harbin during winter vacation 2005–my last vacation in school time. It was an unforgettable trip! It was my first time to see white snow and feel it when it was snowing–I was like a kid in the candy store, completely wild in the snow!!! Of course, I don’t want the experience happen only once in my life time. I know I will create my own snowy world with Beethoven (my dream dog–St. Bernard) someday. Wicked! 
Okay, after reviewing the good things, of course it’s time to savor the disappointing moments:
–One of the promises I had to myself was write a newsletter on a monthly basis and keep in touch with everybody. However, for many reasons I didn’t realize my promise. And in fact, my contact list is even shorter than last year. Rats!
–The biggest setback last year hasn’t quite gone out of my memory completely. In August this year, I was still depressed and blamed myself as the positive result didn’t turn out. Well, I guess only time can fix that scar in my heart. Of course, I don’t wanna give up. I am just a plain Jane who wishes to be educated. It is just a simple wish but it is trapped with many complicated conditions. Dad once said, if a man doesn’t even struggle when he is drowning, then he is really helpless. I tell myself, if I grow older, probably I won’t have the strength to struggle for the dream I wanna realize. By that time, I don’t think I’ll be helpless because I should have no regret for I once struggle when I am in my early twenties. I am quite afraid as my age grows, my enthusiasm will vanish gradually. Alas!
–Basically, I have been swamped with my editorial job since April this year. So I didn’t have much time to think about other irrelevant stuff, say travelling somewhere. Sadly, I didn’t make the trip to Bali in Oct. And I didn’t visit Sichuan either. Darn!
–In Nov 2005 Dad had an operation and stayed in hospital for two weeks. It was memorable because it was my first time to take care of my Dad with Mom in turns in hospital; the first time I sensed how deep the love between my parents and me; and the first time that I strongly felt I’ve grown up for I paid all the expenditure while Dad stayed in the hospital. I felt obligated to support my family and to take very good care of my parents. It was a tough time but luckily it has gone. Sad! 
–I was hopeful that I could brush up my Spanish with the help of my Mexican friend. But the courses didn’t last long. He gave up but not my enthusiasm though. Again, I put both my Spanish and Japanese on the back burner. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!
So what’s the New Year resolution? When talking about that, the traditional one pops on my mind–losing weight! Haha…nah, not my cup of tea. And I knew I couldn’t keep it for a whole year. Leave it!
–My biggest concern is how much time I will have in 2006 to explore places I wanna visit. Student time is the best–you have two vacations every year, in addition, you can even skip classes to do things you like. Sup! As far as I know, my longest vacation all year around should be during the Chinese New Year–10 days in total. Nevertheless, I gotta subtract the days for family gatherings and visits. Oh dear…not many days are left for my own. Let me see, if time permits, I wish I could visit Jiuzhaigou, Bali, HK Disneyland, or even as far as either Australia or Japan in 2006. Wow!!! What a big dreamer here. Well, I will try all possibilities coz travel really means a lot to me.
–I hope I could stay working at my present job so as to accumulate more working experience and inspiration for writing. I cannot think of another job right now that can offer me opportunity to listen to all sorts of music, read all sorts of books and mags, watch all sort of flicks and music videos, and even update my space at working time. My present job combines my interest in music and writing as well as my organized and tend-to-be-quiet characters. Ha! Am I nutty? I am surprised at my analysis here about myself and my job. I know there is a lot to learn, both about my job and myself.
–If I could sqeeze some time, I really wanna master one more language. Oh God! Please give me strength! I know this resolution is a bit hard to carry on to a fully-occupied working girl. But it won’t hurt to give a try. I cross my fingers!
Actually I have to write a work report to conclude my work performance in 2005. Every staff in our company is required to do so. Well, now it’s a good start. I have written one here in English. But it seems what I have written is not completely about my job. Ha! Last but not least, I wish Mom and Dad are both in good health in 2006, so is my very best friend here with me and my chums too. God bless!!!
The last day of 2005, so many things to memorize, to savor, to miss; but I have to say goodbye to them at last. Let the case of memories lock in the back of my mind and filter by time. Along with the countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1–Happy New Year, I sent my goodbye kiss to the eventful 2005!     

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