Peaceful New Year

Peacefully I spent the first day of 2006. I got up at 8:30 this morning. As usual I turned on my cell phone and recieved two SMS from my friends–Happy New Year!!! Just a simple greeting but it was enough to lighten up my day. Click! At 9 A.M. I tutored my Mom’s former workmate’s son with his English. All of a sudden, I found myself speak like a teacher with a little bit British accent when illustrating the English grammar (which is my weakest). It’s been quite a while that I haven’t had brunch with my parents at home. I had a good appetite–that’s the first meal I had in 2006. Click! I sorted out my stamp books and went to the computer center to pick up Dad’ handwriting pad. It seemed there were more kids with their parents than usual on the street. Even in McDonald’s, it was all packed! Now I understand why the teenager guy in one of my news articles said, if you don’t know McDonald’s or KFC, you are really outdated. I cannot make a conclusion that all children in China are fortunate but at least kids in big cities are living in happiness. Click! I got home and started designing the business card for my friend and had it made. I miss my design tasks–in the past, I would like to design anything that I could design. Say, newspaper cutting, pasting them in my own way on a big sketch book. Click! I told my friend that I didn’t have much experience to work in a collaboration. You know, like that Mr. Trump kind of team-work, sharing ideas, comparing notes, arguing about the concepts stuff like that. I’d like to experience that atmosphere, that’s why I wanted to be an ads designer when I was younger. Click! I watched a 30-min Japanese cartoon "Conan"–it’s a kid detective story, really interesting. No wonder it’s a big hit now, even my colleagues are watching it at lunch time. I guess if I cannot download all eposodes, I will just buy the DVDs someday. I reckon myself have a feel for detective stories, but this time it’s a pop cartoon. I regretted I didn’t study Japanese suffciently so as to follow the cartoon without subtitles.  Click! After a shower, I took some Zzzzs…MISS that for ages!!! Click! By the time I woke up, it was about time to have dinner with Mom and Dad. I invited them and Dad’s friend to dine out tonight. We came to a peaceful restaurant inside a park. Sitting by the lake, feeling the breeze from the lake, enjoying the beauty of the trees, water and dim lights in a distance, my memory was back to the evening tour in the Wuxi Garden. Click! When I turned over the menus, WOW! I love the delicate dimsum. One of the great features of this restaurant, in addition to its tranquility, is all the dishes are mixed with tea leaves and have medical funtions. Very healthy menu, indeed! I ordered three dishes and one dimsum. Yum!!! The fish dish reminded me of the one I had in Suzhou–the candy fish, I called it coz it’s sweet and sour. I loved my order–the fish is boneless. I don’t know since when I tend to eat boneless food, like a spoil American. Dad just said that I was a gweimui (foreign girl in Cantonese) for I don’t know how to appreciate chicken dishes only for boneless meat. Ha! That’s me, and P.S. skinless too. Click! We had a great time together. Dad’s health became a hot issue on the dining table. The operation on him should be Dad’s biggest issue in 2005. He admitted he is a "predator"–that’s his nature and it’s hard for him to become a complete vegetarian. Well, I was happy that everyone at the table was delightful and above all, the bill was on me. I did feel I was independent at that moment. Click!  In the meantime, there was one person on my mind–I guess he’d also enjoy this place if he was here. Oh, don’t mention that, I’ve told myself to leave it cold.
Now I am sitting in front of my computer listening to some hip-hop and rap. The music is cool!!! I collected those pictures of memory–yes the Clicks! Peaceful New Year but also a special New Year to me. I pray for new adventure in 2006. Yippee!

3 thoughts on “Peaceful New Year

  1. Thanks! The same to you. Wish you have a fruitful year in UK. By the way, I really cannot access to your personal space. What happened? Did you set it into personal?

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