New Year’s first step–get some exercises

Today is the second day of my day-off. I went bowling with my friend. Well, it’s been quite a while that I haven’t done much exercises. Everyday sitting in the office does make me have sore back, aching neck, tired eyes and weary body, probably have gained some weight too. So I took the first step in New Year–get some exercises. Oh dear!!! I was upset for my pathetic score. The first game I got 60 something, the second one was 100–that’d be the best score I had in bowling. Anyway, the bowling machine was frogged up. And the pain of my fingers, wrist and back aggravated. 
After the game I had a great lunch and I even purchased tickets for two concerts in the coming two weeks–a Swan Lake ballet and a concert of Mozart. Swell! That’s what I want–not sports but music. Ha! I couldn’t believe it that such a classic ballet whose ticket only cost me 40RMB. I anticipate the show. 
Actually I wanted to play pool this afternoon but I couldn’t find the right place. Darn! I assume pool is more suitable for me than any other game now. I just feel my age. Haha!!! Okay, tomorrow is another day. I will go to the computer center again, thanks to my Dad’s handwriting pad–it doesn’t work again. Darn!  

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