The first day of work in 2006

I was the first one who reached office this morning. Then I had my favorite cheungfun (stuff rice noodle) for breakfast. Umm…delish! The day just passed by as normal.
Oh now it’s time to get off work. I am going to the theater now. Yippee! The movie was surprisingly awesome! It was directed by Zhang Yimou–my Dad’s favorite director and also my most respected Chinese director. And the renowned Japanese actor Ken Takakura acted as the Japanese father in the flick. "Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles" (単騎 千里を走る) is a Japanese and Chinese movie. The story is about two pairs of father and son–one pair is from Japan, the other pair is from Lijiang, China. A Japanese man travelled to China to film a local opera in Yunnan Province for his dying son who had lived in Lijiang Yunnan for half a year. Somehow the opera performer was in prison. In order to have this particular performer who was known to his son to give the show, the Japanese father managed to visit the performer in the prison. However, there was another touching story happend between this Chinese father and his adulterine son. What a wonderful plot! I have been to Lijiang Yunnan. So I loved what I saw in the flick. The natural scenery was breathtaking. How can four characters intertwine together so neatly? It’s just amazing. The story is so touching, and it is definitely a tear jerker which made quite a few audience either sniffing or coughing. Some scenes are amusing, and you gotta laugh without control. I was amazed at the director and screen playwright. How can they be so good at controlling audience’s emotion through the picture. I must give two thumbs up for this great flick. It should be the best movie I have seen so far in 2006. If I watched the flick all by myself, I guess I’d have fallen tears for it.
Check out this link:
In addition, I’ve found two CDs of Lisa Ono whose Bossa Nova music is my favorite but I had no idea the music was her work until tonight in the CD store. What a surprise! I immediately got two CDs of hers. My HK journalist friend once introduced me to her favorite kind of music–Bossa Nova, at that time I had no idea where I could find such type of music. But now I see, actually I have been listening to this type of music just I hadn’t known the name in the past is all. Haha…silly me!
Gotta hit the rack, eyes are tired now.

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