The temp. suddenly dropped to only 6C these couple of days. I feel so cold, especially my limbs. The cold seem to penetrate inside my vein and blood with its mighty power. I am freezing, so is the printer at home. Probably because of the low temp indoors, the ink is easily dry or perhaps some other reason makes the ink doesn’t go right. Well, earlier this evening I was still worried about the Internet connection. I tried many times to reconnect, and even dialed the phone to the Web company for help. However, eventually I solved the problem. I switched the end of the wire and reconnect it–done! The green light on the Internet box which says “PC” was back on. I was thrilled. I really gotta clap for being quick-witted, of course thank God for the luck. Now it comes to the printer. I wonder why bad luck always comes in three to me.
I watched the flick “Memoirs of a Geisha”(pirate DVD of course) on Friday night. One word to comment on this flick–STUNK! Reason 1. It is a Japanese story, so the language is supposed to be Japanese. However, all people in the flick speak English. That sounds awkward. Plus the Asian actresses and actors don’t speak good English at all. The key role actress speaks English like reciting. As I told my Dad, the only person who speak good English is Michalle Yeoh. Reason 2. Geisha is supposed to be a very respected artist in Japan. The geisha in the movie is just like a sort of courtesan. Too many sexual issues are involved. Terrible! Reason 3. The entire flick seems to be build on stars, as Hollywood purpose, very commerical. The beginning of the flick is kinda tedious, no suspense at all. And the scenes are very comfusing, sometimes it was the past, sometimes it is now. It is definitely not even as good as the novel. All in all, except the music played by Yo Yo Ma and Izzak Pearlman (probably wrong spelling), I don’t like this flick at all. Period.
Tomorrow is Sunday. I will attend a ballet concert in the evening. Hope that will help to relax myself a bit. Tonight I asked my friend, how to become a happy person? I asked that not because of the answer but the mood of the person who asked this question, yes obviously that’s me. I cannot do that, or in another words, I may not wanna be a happy person. I start to think if there is any way you can just leave this world that easy like the match-stick girl in the frigid winter. Will tell you the answer someday.

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