Cry Out!

I had never known that crying my eyes out helped a great deal when I got all stressed out. I did…I squalled last night before bed time. It had been a while that I tried to control myself not to cry. But it was time for the volcano to erupt! I had a great way of venting…after the storm, there will be bright and clear sky with fresh air. I felt much better after blowing off steam. Above all, my heart has become lighter and soother. That was a miracle! And I finally had a better dream than the previous night. When I woke up this morning, the words "stalactite" and "stalagmite" were on my head. Umm…weird! In my dream, I was in Guilin. Anyway, I should give a closure to this chapter of "Downer Days."
Last night after reading the newspaper article that Dad gave me, I suddenly had an impulse to study MBA somewhere outside PRC. I wanna try something different. If the overseas program doesn’t require exams, that’s even BETTER!  Also, I found out many people would travel during Chinese New Year through TV news last night. Perhaps that’s fate I should not go anywhere during that time. 🙂 Well, let me see if there will be any silver lining of the cloud. So far I am pleased that I have done so much work ahead. I should have a relaxing weekend with the "Swan Lake" ballet. Yeah, I made a mistake last week. The ballet should be on this coming Sunday. Wicked!
Hey, buddy! Don’t make a fuss about my space. As you can see, my mood is variable. 80% in the rainy gloomy days…LOL

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