The Days Without Computer:-(

Things related to computer are broken in the consecutive weeks. First my home pc, then my Dad’s handwriting pad, next is my printer, and this week is my labtop–I had to bring all these stuff to the specific places to maintain these several weekend. And now my laptop is being fixed, I don’t know when I can pick it up. Errr…my life is really busted! I got a cold and cough on the weekend. The whole week I was in my whirlwind land–a giddy life! Now the days without computer are not fun at all. I originally wanna attach some pics here, taken last night at the "Swan Lake" ballet. But this darn machine at office doesn’t coorperate at all. So I have to do it on my pc at home. I also wanna do some research on traveling after Spring Festival. But now I have achieved NONE! But my folks are kinda interested in traveling together. That’s swell! At least I can save some money. Hee hee. To tell you the truth, I’ve spent lots of money fixing the gadgets, and how much my labtop maintenance fee may cost? Still unknown.
Last night, I watched the live performance of "Swan Lake" ballet. It was awesome. Well, so was my seat–third row center which was facing the dancers positively. Unfortunately, the stage was kinda high, and if the dancers were a bit far then I couldn’t see their tiptoeing feet. However, I could hear the crystal clear "pound" sound when the dancers landed from leaping. I could see the dancers’ streaming with sweat very clearly. After some difficult jumps and rotation, the clown dancer was kinda out of breath–inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale…The clown dancer’s chest was up and down rapidly. My seat provided me a good angle to see every detail on the stage. The part of swans dancing by the lake was so graceful and beautiful. Whoever designed the ballet was amazing at forming the rank. The consistency, continuity and unity of the swan dance were marvellous. They could dance in good order, no choas! Without a doubt, I enjoyed the music too. Tchaikovsky was a genius!!! How could he compose such a masterpiece in such an elegant way? His wisdom and inspiration deserve the reverence from the music fanatics around the world. I am happy I am among this category. Hahaha!~~ The life of a ballet dancer is tough. I won’t be surprised that the dancers had prepared for last night’s performance for a long long time–it could not be calculated by hours or days, but months and years. In China, we have a well-known saying whose general idea was "Three minutes on the stage cost ten-year’s great effort off the stage." From their sweat and breatheing, I deeply understand the truth of the saying. 
I will attach the photos later. So be patient and to be continued…  

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