Learn to give up

I can’t believe when I don’t have my laptop around, my stream of thoughts is flooding…I can’t believe this is the third entry I write today. Anyway, let it flow!
I want to write something about this title for quite some time. Until yesterday, when I told my travel mate that probably I should change my mind not going too far away this coming vacation, as I have been to the faraway Harbin to appreciate snow. I said, "I envy my friend who has been to Switzerland, but I have been to Harbin to see snow. I shouldn’t feel so bad, should I?" He agreed and comforted, "Yep, sometimes you gotta think about what you have already had but others don’t. For a 20-odd-year-old girl, you’ve already been to a number of places, although most of them are in your own country." I nodded and sighed. Is this a good way of self-comfort? Instead of being so aggresive, perhaps it’s time for me to learn to give up.
There is something in life that I have been dreaming to obtain since I was a little kid. And there is something in my dream that I am eager to achieve…but after struggling for many years, I still cannot get anything and achieve anything. I wonder if what I pursue is equivalent to escape my troubles in reality. Sometimes when I am in meditation, I ask myself if it is too stupid to pursue something so aggressively. Would it be a waste of time and vigour? Perhaps just like what my friend said, there were some questions we could never explain why, say, why was I born in this country? Why some people can have an uneventful and smooth life?… Lean to give up when time is due–that probably a wise approach in the philosophy of life. It’s definitely not a passive attitude, nor a behave of a coward but relief and conciliation.
Living in the material city, man is easy to become greedy and aggressive. If we have something, we want more to make what we have better. The flame of jealousy is the fuel. With or without hard work, we try to possess what we dream of. I ask myself, what’s next if I get what I want? Will I be happy? Will life be better-off for good and no need to strive for anything? I know the answer will be negative because man’s desires are unceasing… If you reach LEVEL 1, you want to be at LEVEL 2; and it continues infinitely. I am so afraid my dreams would grow too big and they’d explode someday, so I dare not to think big. Big dreams only jeopardize my health and drive man crazy. Instead of living in a big big world of dreams, I rather stand on my own ground as a regular joe. 
It’s time to learn to give up. Life might be a bit easier without too many strong desires. It’s time to learn to give up. Life might be less stressful and at ease. It’s time to learn to give up. That helps me to appreciate another aspect of life with grace. Perhaps someday I will realize that what I wanna obtain is not what I have been striving for, but the peace of mind and a relaxing life without interruption and competition. 
Let it be my motto when I am aggressive or down for my failed dreams–LEARN TO GIVE UP!!!   

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