Sake doesn’t cure me!

I had an awesome dinner at an authentic Japanese restaurant last night. My friend and I ordered quite a few delicious dishes–they were all my favorites! Salmon sashimi, eel hand roll, chicken and chicken ball yakitori, tomato salad, eggplant with prawn tempura, Japanese fried rice, clear soup soba and what’s more, a bottle of sake! Yum, yum, yum… I couldn’t help eating and drinking…It’s been quite a while I haven’t eaten so happily. And I realize every time when I have Japanese dishes, I am fairly exhilarated. And it usually happens after my downer days. I like the privacy and cleaness of the Japanese restaurant. Almost every table is spaced out by some sort of stable board. Even so, I could still sometimes hear the Japanese conversation mixed with the Chinese ones. This is definitely a good place to immerse myself into Japanese speaking enviroment, at least a good chance to practise Japanese listening. I told my friend that only the Japanese culture and food would firm up my determination to study hard on Japanese. I regretted that I didn’t master Japanese at school. And in the evening, when I switching channels before my favorite TV show "MONK," I saw a bit of a Japanese drama. Sad, I only could understand bits and pieces, in fact very little that I understood. Perhaps if I pretend to speak some Japanese in front of my friend who doesn’t understand it at all, I can still fool my friend. Haha! I thought having some sake could help me relieve from sneezing and sniffing. But the wine only enabled me to fall into sleep faster. Haha! So the conclusion of my medical experiment is Sake doesn’t cure me! (but makes me sleep happily.) 
I knew I wanted to write something but I forgot just now. Now I remember–I scored 324 in Scrabble last night! Yippeeeeeeeeee! I was called "Queen of Triple Word"! Haha… My opponent was not bad either. He said he was more excited for himself than for me. 🙂
Today many of my colleagues cannot connect the Internet but I can. In fact, my PC is connected all day. Ha! I don’t know luck is on my side now. Bless me!

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