Platonic Love

I was happy to hear the compliment from my friend just now about my privious entry–it’s thought-provoking! Wow, it’s been a while that I wanna write something thought-provoking. Now my friend said so, have I reached my goal yet? 🙂
Before I start my thoughts about this title, I wanna say I feel like I were Carrie as the columlist in "Sex and the City." Carrie often discusses about sex based on her observation among men and women in NYC. I haven’t had that experience to observe and research, but I have the query–Can two people who are in love stay platonic relationship?
I’ve thought about that for a long long time…I remember long time ago I saw a movie about a musician falling in love with a woman. Both of them loved each other deeply. However, their love was expressed in a way of spiritual support and care. I regard it as a very refined and extraordinary level of loving…perhaps even supernatual. They conveyed their love to each other through music, letters, the expression in the eyes and no more than holding hands. It’s a noble platonic love. Can an ordinary human being act in such way to show his/her affection to the love one? Another movie I have seen lately is "Melody." It’s about the puppy love between two elementary pupils. Their good peer friend married them and they eloped. Generally speaking, it was a happy ending–because two people can stay together forever. Throughout the flick, I didn’t see any kisses or hugs but only eye contacts and holding hands. It’s a naive platonic love. 
If the sprout of love has grown between two people, can platonic relationship stay? There is one thing I am clear about, that is if either side of two people has crossed the line to approach to the other by intimacy, even the other side wanna to keep the platonic love, it won’t work any more. Love can make people blind. And sex is drug. Will it cure you or kill you? It all depends. Some people will be sex-addict after the first few tries; some may be in panic of the animal instinct. And with the lubricant of love, you cannot tell if that’s right or wrong, black or white, joy or pain. Probably platonic love has already been thrown far away in the back of the mind.
But no matter what, I quote one of my mottos–The greatest thing in life is to love and be loved in return. Sleep on it!

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