Golden Advices @ Printing Center

Yesterday I spent most of the day at the printing center with two of my colleagues. Thanks to the broken machines, we had to wait a long time for the sample printed out. During our waiting, one of my colleagues who’s already married had a lot to chat about with us. Actually I learned a lot from him–from the professional printing technics to household subjects, to how should we ladies keep warm in the winter. My favorite part is of course the auto part–he knows well about cars, and I am interested in cars although I cannot afford. LOL Someday though, someday you will see me driving my own beetle.
In our convo, we talked about cooking…he said, as a Cantonese girl, you should definitely learn how to cook. Here is the golden advice–"In order to capture one’s heart, you gotta capture his taste." LOL I told my colleagues that I was unwilling to even give a try, let alone making a delicious dish. He said, "Unless you are in Shanghai and marry a Shanghaier guy, then you can really relax and let your Shanghaier husband to do all sorts of housework." He even made a comment that Shanghai men are so domestic and tame that they listened to their wives; they even prepair water for their wives to wash their feet. While Cantonese men are quite dominant and tsarist, so Cantonese women are meeker." I thought about my Mom and Dad. Indeed, Dad rules in my family and Mom is always in charge of the housework. (Me? Quite an onlooker!) I guess I just learn to select good dog food for my Beethoven. That’s the best I can do in the future! LOL
Another interesting advice my colleague talked about is what type of husband girls should choose. LOL When we were leaving the printing center, I saw some worker punching their cards to check in. I was curious and asked my colleagues if they were going to work. Yes, they were! Then my colleague said to us, "Those who marry these workers will be lonely at night. If you are looking for husband, do not choose this type who goes night shift or has to get up to work in the middle of the night, for instance, the chef or the baker. Their wives couldn’t hold their husbbies in bed at night. Very lonely indeed!" I felt his comment was funny but did make sense though. Haha… Well, if I hold my Beethoven to sleep, I don’t think he will run away at night unless a burglar breaks in. He’d be very comfy to hold on to, I believe. 🙂
Well, if you are a gal, take my colleague’s advices, they may be of use to you someday. Cheers!  

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