Lucky Money 开门利是

This morning the first thing came up on my mind was "My productivity of this week will be very low!" I had a great time in my 10-day Spring Festival vacation. Today is the first working day after such a long break. Alas, I felt like starting the engine of a locomotive which could run at a very high speed in the past. The minute I stepped into the company, I heard "Happy New Year" greetings everywhere. New hair style, new dress, new shoes…Chinese New Year symbolizes new beginning.
One thing that I didn’t expect was "scrabble for lucky money." The whole crew of editors, roughly 20 or so, ran upstairs to the accounting dept., executive dept., business dept. and production dept. for luncky money. Our chief editor said many of them on the third floor were already married. This "ritual" happened every year on the first working day after Spring Festival. Wow, we charged upstairs and ran from desk to desk, saying "Happy New Year" or "Kung Hei Fat Choi" with hands open and ready to receive red packets. First come first serve. When I looked back, a long queue was formed already behind me. Everyone was happy–both the givers and receiver. To our new editors, it’s the first time we have experienced this "company ritural." It was lots of fun!!! The "invasion" on the third floor was like the foreign intruders plunder a town and loot all treasures we can find. Later the day, our big boss came to us table by table to allocate his red packet–the biggest and also the heavest packet among all I received this morning. 
Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!!
PS. Speaking of Lucky Money, upon my arrival home from Tianjin, Mom gave me several red packets which were from my parents’ friends. Apparently, Mom kept them for me while I was out of town. I wonder how happy can a single man be. We can receive Lucky Money as happily as the children are. Not bad an idea, ain’t it? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lucky Money 开门利是

  1. Thank you for you belated wishes. Yeah, it\’s great to receive lucky money especially when you are broke. Hahaha… Good day!

  2. sorry to say that i forgot to say happy birthday to you~~~~hahahahaha….
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My mom also kept my lucky money from all my relatives~~hahaha..i agree with you that to be a single lady is really good cos i still can earn lucky money~~hahahah

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