Spicy Lunch

I am so proud of myself today that I have challenged the spicy Sichuan dishes. Our art editor invited us to have lunch. After discussion, we picked the Sichuan restaurant. We ordered two hot dishes and two non-spicy dishes for the sake of me, I guess. However, this authentic Cantonese girl, aka myself, tried the hot dishes more than one helping. I was told once you are accustomed to spicy dishes, you can enjoy many delicacies. Having travelled to many places in China, I enjoyed many local dishes–from sweet to salty, juicy to dry. They were all great except spicy dishes which I am still a bit conservative. I reckon many nations have spicy food as their cultures–Mexico, Spain, India, Pakistan etc. In China, Sichuan, Hubei and Hunan provinces are chilli lovers!!!
Anyway, I gotta brag myself a bit for today’s brave act. KC is the best!

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