A Surprise Red Packet

Wow…I am zone out after having stayed up till 2 A.M. in these couple of days consecutively. Our art editor will be away from work for a whole week next week. So the deadline for me suddenly became ahead of schedule–everything should be done before this Friday.
Just when I was swamped with heavy work this morning, I got a memo from my big big boss–"Please come in to my office!"
"Oh, what have I done wrong? Am I going to face the music? What if my boss says to me like Donald Trump ‘You’re fired!’ what shall I do then?" Lots of worries emerged on my mind out of the blue. I immediately grabbed my notebook running upstairs to my boss’s office. The minute after my boss finished his telephone call, did he say to me and the other colleague who was already standing there waiting–"Here’s a birthday gift from the company. Due to the Chinese New Year, we couldn’t give it to you on time." He presented the envelope to me and added with smile, "Happy Birthday!"
What? Did I hear right? Oh my goodness! Instead of receiving criticism, I got present–there was a birthday card and a red packet inside the envelope. Let me check how much in it…WOW, 200RMB. Not bad, ain’t it? Suddenly my heart was so sweet. I felt it was worthwhile staying up to work with sweat and blood for the company. Haha, I guess a little bit of appreciation goes a long way…
Well, think back, I did have a very wonderful 23-year-old birthday:
–It was celebrated twice with friends and family; (so am I 46 years old now?)
–I had two birthday cakes;
–and I received the first red packet as birthday present from the company.

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