Don’t you have a non-Valentine’s menu?

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I went to a concert with my friend. The concert was bravo! As I anticipated, almost every piece of music was my favorite. (I noticed I said “it’s my favorite!” quite often, especially when it came to the delicious dishes. Ha!) Yeah, I enjoyed the program of last night’s concert so much. That’s why I attended the concert not because it was a celebration for Valentine’s Day.
I was sick these couple of days. If not because of the concert last night, I’d have stayed at home resting. Anyway this is what happened in the restaurant yesterday:
My friend and I entered a western restaurant near my office. The whole restaurant was well decorated warmly for couples. The menu I got from a waitress was “Valentine’s Day Menu Sets.”  I immediately asked, “Don’t you have a non-Valentine’s menu?”
“Sorry. Tonight we are all doing these promotions. No individual menu.” The waitress replied without consideration.
I was quite disappointed. I was so sick and lost my appetite. When seeing every offering comes in double, I felt more sick. Well, finally I ordered a pizza and shared with my friend. I guess my friend took 80% of the pizza and I had 20%.
I wonder, what if two or more guys come to a restarant for dinner on Valentine’s Day, must they order Valentine’s set even though they aren’t gay? To some extent, Chinese are too western oriented. In the restaurant menu case, I do think the restaurant lacks flexibility without the consideration of those no-date customers.
We wrapped up the dinner quickly and went to the concert hall. The music soothed me, both my heavy head and grumbling stomach. I strongly recommend this piece:Adagio in G minor. It’s amazing, although in my friend’s viewpoint, it’s like a funeral piece. Haha, but I like it!
I ended the evening with a Long Island Ice Tea, trying to use alcohol to combat agaist the germ inside me. (My dad’s theory though.) I felt the vodka was burning inside me. Cool!~~
On the previous Sunday, my parents and I went to the concert hall for Lantern Festival concert. It was another great experience to listen to many famous Chinese folk music. In the end, my American friend surprisingly got a whole bunch of fresh flowers from the great inner Mongolian singer in response to his appreciation and compliment to the singer. Wow…what an awesome evening!
I really believe the day I will die is when my world is completly without music. Music is the air I breathe…

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