Something You Should Know 1

Tonight I will attend a concert. Hopefully I will relax myself a bit.
Last night I downloaded a couple of movies. I’d like to watch them soon.
Just take a deep breath, chill!
The concert was great, performed by Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. If you know who Karajan or Abbado is, then you must have heard of the orchestra they conducted. Although last night I couldn’t see these two BIG WHEELS, I appreciated a lot. Strange enough though, to a melancholic listener like me, I seemed to prefer the lively pieces last night. I got the chance to enjoy my acoustic experience of a harpsichord. (it took me a while to memorize this strange word though–almost every 15min during the performance I had to check it out from the program list to make sure I learn it by heart right. LOL) Well, anyway it was a wonderful evening despite the fact that I was still combating my flu. Errr…aweful!!!

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