Something wrong with the Internet connection, so I was not able to update my space soon enough. In these couple of days, I have been preoccupied with the dictation of the recent Grammy Awards and Brit Awards. Speaking of dictation, now I know how unadaptable I am to the local British accent. With the help of our British editor, I finally came through the tough time. But apparently, my English listening may have declined since the TEM-8 was over. Probably the longer I stay out of school, the weaker of my English ability will be. Well, I must’ve become a workoholic in some way, or anything about work wouldn’t have occupied my mind day and night until I got over it completely; or I wouldn’t have put aside all tasks at work except the dictation and translation of these two awards. I hope the input of my energy and time will exchange the appreciation or big welcome, that’s even better, from our teen readers.
The news column of May issue will definitely become entertainment oriented, which would be the last thing I ever consider. But I guess only the entertainment news has no restriction of time. Sad!!! Perhaps I am a too stern person, well, not exactly though. But I know I don’t care about entertainment news as much as my peers do. It doesn’t mean my readers have to follow suit. Maybe it’s time to look for the silver lining behind the dark cloud–picking up more soft news to our readers. Anyway, I’m happy for what I have done.
Tomorrow is another day. I still have heaps of letters from our readers to read. Ah, just give me a break!

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