A Pickpocket Might Just Passed Me By

I took a crowded bus to work this morning. How crowded was it? If I tell you one of the pins on my bag fell off while I was trying to "swim" to the back of the bus cabin in the sea of PEOPLE, you may understand the tough situation. (In my case, when I swim, I have to use my arms and legs to struggle in the water.)After I found the limited space for myself, I stood still. At one bus-stop, swarms of people flooded in from the back door… Actually I was standing at the back door. So all of a sudden, I was pushed to somewhere that was fenced tightly by people’s backs, legs, shoulders, arms and bags. I couldn’t move an inch–one of my hands was holding fast to the handle, the other one was holding my lunch box as well as protecting my bag. Oh Christ! What are these people? They just liked sumoists to put their weight on me. One bitch was even aweful. She pushed me and almost knocked off my glasses. Hey bitch, watch yourself! I stared at her angrily. I was completely abhorrent of her look. She didn’t give a damn and shook my arm without a reason. I didn’t care either. Then she jumped away from me out of the blue. I looked at her with rage–how dare she moved wherever she pleased without any consideration of other passengers on the darn crowded bus?
Thanks to the sardine bus, I could use this complex word "claustrophobic" to describe the situation I was in. I was completely sealed by the "wall of people." I learned that it was impossible to wear fancy dress or high-heels to work. Look at this crowd!!! You gotta stand firm with your good quality sneakers and hold the awkward pose for a long time. It’s pretty much like the basic skill of Kung Fu–扎马. Finally, the bus arrived at the very stop which had many people got off the bus. I felt relieved. I could stand at a relative roomy spot. Suddenly, I overheard one passenger sitting by the back door, said to his wife that there was a gang of girl pickpockets on the bus just now. What? A gang of girl pickpockets? I shuddered. Was that bitch who pushed me among the gang? Yeah, very likely though. A pickpocket might just passed me by!!!
I should change the notion that pickpockets are mainly guys. In fact, female pickpockets are easier to steal your things. Because most people have less suspicion against the woman thief and have more sympathy for women and children than men. From my experience, we should be aware of the people who are around us on the bus. After getting off the bus, I immediately checked my pocket and bags instead of watching the time as usual. Fortunately, I didn’t lose anything. Thank God!!! What a risky nightmare on the bus!!!

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