Something You Should Know 2

I categorized this entry into "My Life Busted" simply because I think what I am gonna write should be known as a lesson. This could be a parody of the movie "How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days." I am telling you how to show your gratitude in a graceful way.
(Real Life Sample 1)
A: Thanks to the seats, my family and I didn’t have a good view to watch the live performance, although we could still hear it pretty good.
B: Why?
A: Because the bars on the fence blocked part of our vision.
B: Oh, I see. That only happened to short people. (Not me!)
Analysis: It’s outrageously rude to pinpoint the could-be obvious fact indirectly, especially regarding a sensitive topic, such as age, wages, hight, appearance, marriage etc. In this case, B is definitely wrong–his words imply a message that BOTH A and A’s family are short. That probably is an unchangeable fact but it hurts A as well as A’s family. It’s absolutely an insult. Unforgivable!!! So here’s a piece of advice: Watch your mouth before you say anything!
(Real Life Sample 2)
A: Thank you for your warm coat. I now return it to you, also in the pockets there are some odds and ends that you like.
B: Oh, you’re welcome. Thanks for the food but the coat is unwashed.
A: I know. (A’s mantra) You have it washed, and I will pay for the cleaning cost.
B: What? The filthy coat has lots of spots need to be taken care of specially. (B was thinking of A’s promise–he’s promised to return the coat in a clean shape.)
A: Well, no matter you take it or not, it’s gonna be like that. kiddo.
B: What an hypocritical person!!!!!
Analysis: A has made a big mistake here! A is very ungrateful in this case. In the courtesy of appreciation and thankfulness, A should’ve had the coat washed before returning it to the owner. No matter what offers A gives or suggests, A ought to return a clean coat to its owner. Only A would know which spot of the coat was super dirty or got stains, so it’d be easier for A to explain it to the cleaner. It’s not the matter of money or who pay the laundry bill, but a serious matter of good manner. How couldn’t B use such a strong word–hypocritical–to depict A’s character! As a matter of fact, who will clean the coat? Without a doubt, B’s dear Mom, ‘coz B doesn’t have a washing machine in the house and plus only B’s mother knows how to use special wash to wash the stains off. Poor B’s Mom!!! So remember, DO NOT return anything unwashed to your owner, and say you will pay for the bill or any excuse as a consolation, or rather a pretended appreciation. Think about this way, if you lend your pans and pots to your neighbor, but he returned them greasy and dirty to you, saying "I left some tasty soup here for you. Give a try and thank you for your pan!" What would you say about it? I know it is absolutely unacceptable to me. To those who have a kind heart to help others, think twice if you should lend your stuff to the person, see if he’s a sloppy and irresponsible. That’s my piece of advice.

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