The Chinese Patient

A few years ago, an Oscar movie called "The English Patient" received a favorable reception. Now I have become a Chinese patient. Do you think my condition will also attract lots of attention?
The answer is NO. Except my parents and my best friend, nobody gives me regards or concern. This Chinese patient has been coughing like hell for the last couple of days. All of a sudden, coughing has become part of my life–almost as indispensable as breathing. Furthermore, I might have addicted to coughing syrup. Just as our foreign editor said, if too much dose on coughing syrup, it’s hard to get rid of. Ha! He’s as bad as me. He said he liked coughing syrup that he’d pretend having cough to take it. So is this Chinese patient indirectly on drug? Haha, you’re telling me. But honestly, I really like the taste of the coughing syrup. It’s so sweet that you almost forget you are a patient, taking med.
This Chinese patient was so sick that she coudn’t get off bed on Sunday. Her best friend said her coughing was as aweful as a pneumonia patient. Well, she doesn’t know how bad it sounds to others, but she is aware that she cannot speak because of the killing sore in her throat. Even though she speaks, her voice can barely be heard. It’s more like whispering.
Mom tried all she could to subside my cough. She even uses the heated ginger to rub my neck and shoulder. –A very Chinese traditional cure, I suppose. But psychologically, it does make the Chinese patient feel better. 
Okay, the Chinese patient has to carry on, continuing her combat against the annoying cough.    

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