No Need For Doctor

Hooray! I didn’t cough much today, which means I don’t need to see the doctor. How I wish I could lay down and rest for complete 48 hours. But work, work, work, I don’t know since when it has become the major part of my life. Work enriches my life, work occupies my mind and work suffocates my breath–I cough, cough and cough; then continue to work, work and work.
I want so much to finish my work asap but work seems to have no end. I want so much to recover from my cough but the cough seems to be reluctant to get out of my body. Alas, I gave myself only one day to observe the condition, hopefully I wouldn’t need to see the doctor. At the end of the day, I was happy to announce that "I coughed fewer than yesterday." With the help of the med. and cough syrup, my cough will subside soon, I suppose.
Tonight the TV guy–my family’s favorite Mr. Chen Yang read my message on his program. I was surprised but also pleased. Surprised because tonight’s topic was quite positive–Let’s talk about how wonderful life is. I’ve never thought myself could write something so optimistic like what Mr. Chen Yang read on his program. But what I wrote was true to my heart that I have a strong sympathy for the poor and the underprivileged. Compared to their situation, our life is really wonderful. We should be content but not full of complaints.
An apple a day keeps doctor away. I don’t often have apples but I still would like to say "if I don’t cough much today then I can keep doctor away." Hahaha… 

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