Serendipity: good luck in finding things not sought for.
I watched a flick last night called "Serendipity." It was a romantic love story which played with the word "fate." The plot is like this:

A guy and a girl meet in a New York City department store when reaching for the same pair of gloves. They talk, have coffee and it isn’t long before the guy is asking for the girl’s number. Unfortunately, for the dude, a gust of wind blows the piece of paper out of his hand. The girl determines that it was fate which led to that predicament, and sets up two other possible chance meetings with the guy, in the hopes of fate intervening once again and this time, proving that they should be together. Phew. Anyway, it’s about love and destiny…
The flick is a fairy tale to me. Because things start falling into a definite routine, with one twist of fate leading to another coincidence leading to even more clues to the inevitable. In reality, fate won’t happen like that. As we Chinese say, if too many coincidences happen one after another, then it’s not coincident but inevitable. However, if you can appreciate the basic sentiment behind this movie, you’ll be smiling in the end.
I enjoyed the flick but I enjoyed more the coversation with my friend after the movie. Serendipity was the fuse to our talk about some topics that we hadn’t seriously discussed about before. My opinion was when it comes to love, our hearts often conquer our minds unless we have a very determined resolution. The proof in the movie was both of those two key roles wouldn’t have looking for one another before their weddings if not because of their unsettled hearts. The feeling for each other was that magically strong, it was difficult to convince the minds saying: Hey, stay with your fiance/fiancee and give up the last try searching. It doesn’t make sense, does it? I don’t know if that’s what fate is. Fate is that unspeakable impulse, that magical bond between two people. I still remember a saying from a long-time drama–don’t wait for things to happen but make things happen. It’s an advice from a granny to her grandchild. I guess that works to those who lack in confidence.
We are all looking forward to serendipity if that is a good thing. But will we someday say to ourselves "Am I dreaming?" when serendipity comes to us. Will we suddenly have no clue about how to do with the serendipity in our life? Quizas, quizas,quizas.


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