Entertainment Blind

This is a joke, an ironic joke. I read 300 or so letters from our readers last two days. I got a picture from one of the reader letters. As usual, I thought it was a picture of the reader, so I stapled it together with the letter. You know, some of our readers are so brave that they will send you pictures of their own and asking for use as the cover of the teen magazine.
The picture from this particular reader showed a stardard face of a girl. I had never thought it was a picture of a pop singer from Japan until our chief editor saw the letter. She said and laughed, "Why did you staple the picture of my favorite singer with the letter?" What? A Japanese signer? I had no idea what she was talking about. My other colleague showed me our latest mag which had a story about her. Then I realized it was exactly the same person from the picture.
I sighed and replied, "I am sorry that I thought it was a picture from our reader although I have read the article. But the pictures in the mag didn’t register my mind." We all laughed. Our chief editor said, "Would someday you mistake Sun(a pop diva) picture for our reader?"
This joke tells me how ignorant I am of the entertainment aspects. So in order to give myself a boost, in this coming May issue, I am gonna use three pieces of entertainment news.

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