An Essay on Women’s Day

Today is the International Women’s Day. A holiday that I have never considered it belonging to myself. 
However, during the school days, we usually had half a day off on this particular holiday because most of our respected teachers were WOMEN!
Because of this holiday, we, as WOMEN employees, are permitted to get off work two hours before normal time.
I am very sensitive when being called WOMAN. In fact, , I see the changes in the transit of a girl to a lady. But never would I regard myself as a WOMAN. “I am not a girl but not yet a woman” sung by Britney Spears.
Yes, I wanna stop certain growth. Probably in my mind a woman needs to take a lot of social obligations, while I am escaping the reality. Baggy clothes, tom-boy characters, anti-cosmetic, Beetles and high-tech craze…can all these shape myself as a non-woman type? 🙂
Haha, thanks to the holiday, we were just invited to have mung bean cakes. 🙂 When it comes to these benefits, being a WOMAN temporarily is not bad.
Girl friends at my age have been changing a lot. Strange enough though, a few days ago I dreamed about my friend who is studying in the UK–She’s in an very dandy outfit, an absolute new trend in women’s apparel. By the way, that was a bad dream though. But what I wanna say is even in my dream she’s changed a great deal. In reality, it’s even out of question.
Because of the changes, our distance of communication become further. We tend to look for those who have the same interests as ours.
The fun of childhood is gone. We care, we care what we share with the other one, even though she is a long-time friend.
Probably that’s why we are no longer girls but ladies, and to some others, even women.
Anyway, here is a heartfelt wish from this small potato who hasn’t recognize what period of growth she’s in–Happy Women’s Day!!!

3 thoughts on “An Essay on Women’s Day

  1. To Connie: Congrats on your new job! Good luck and stay in touch, busy and mysterious girl!
    To Steven: Thanks for your appreciation. Yeah, how can you understand if you are not a girl? Haha… Welcome back! ^0^

  2. Since the Chinese new year, I\’ve been very busy with job interviews and probation.
    Now I\’m going to start my work in Birmingham soon.
    Take care

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