US Education Fantasy

I attended the weekly English meeting at American consulate cultural center today. The speaker today was Mr. Frank Mok who is an expert on American education. He showed us an alluring prospects for studying in America. It is said almost every American has his/her own American dream. Well, I may put it in this way–almost every potential scholar in China has his/her own American dream. Based on what Mr. Mok said to us, America is not far away from we Chinese. In fact, its flexible educational credit system offers more choices to prospective students than any other countries. 
In my own opinion, it is not true that America is no longer a favorite destination for Chinese students. What Chinese students are worried about is the student visa issue. But now American government has realized the great decline in admission of Asian students, particularly Chinese and Indian. I guess that’s why Mr. Mok carried the messages for the American institutes and came to speak to us yesterday.
If location, cost, reputation, financial aid and whatsoever are the major concern to Chinese students before applying for an American university, the population of the Chinese communities will be my concern before selecting a school. My American best friend said to me that I was quite different from other Chinese students, that I prefer going to places which have as few as possible Chinese; but many Chinese students prefer tagging along with their own compatriots. I even joked with my friend that I might choose to study in Alaska in order to get away from Chinese communities or in Wyoming or Montana to search for my own "Brokeback Mountain."
Lately, I read an article about the advantages comparison among America, New Zealand, Hong Kong and other countries and regions regarding further study. The comparison is believable though. However, I cannot be greedy in hope for benefiting all advantages. As my best friend said, "I will go through a heart failure if you have the same grievous outcome for your second try." I am sure I will leap from the bridge to the rail road afterwards if it ever happens. That was my attempt in my unhappy childhood. The speaker Mr. Mok did give me a hopeful fantasy about studying in this hotspot for higher education. But I have some sort of reservations though.
Now let’s come back to fate. One of my friends said himself was big on fate. Probably his understanding of fate is something with good result and blissful ending. Nevertheless, fate seems an ominous noun. For example, I often say to myself–it was fate that I couldn’t study in a foreign language univ.; it was fate that I wasn’t able to study in Canada; it was fate that I didn’t get a better score in one test; it was also fate that I troubled trouble when trouble didn’t trouble me. So will it be fate that I won’t be able to realize my dream to explore the world? Quizas, Quizas, Quizas.

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