A Creative Writer To Be

Haha, when reading the title, I couldn’t help laughing. Tonight I got a long distance phone call from Hong Kong. My 9-year-old second cousin gave me a call for help–he needed to write an English journal but he had no idea how to begin with and complete the whole thing.
Ha, you’ve found the right person, bro! He told me that my guidance was not completely true to the real incidence. I said to him composition didn’t have to be authentic. Use your imagination to elaborate the fact! He chuckled on the other side of the phone. Probably I did make some jokes about writing, he was happy to follow what I asked him to do. After hearing the whole true experience from him, I immediately snapped an idea. I spoke word for word from one end, he did “the slowest dictation” ever from the other end of the phone cord. Because he hasn’t learned many words I said, or perhaps my mind has more complex terms than simple ones. Anyway, my cousin had to write some strange words down with great effort while I kept repeating the spellings.
I asked, “How long the journal do you wanna write?”
My cousin answered, “Let me see. There are one, two, three, four…ten, eleven, twelve–twelve lines. And let me measure it, please wait for me, I go to get a ruler of 30cm in length.”
After a short while, my cousin replied accurately, “My exercise book is 13cm in width.”
Haha, I had already asked my cousin to give me a rough number, no accuracy needed. (especially to this maths blind.) But, he was just so cute, giving me all these trivial details. I was amazed at the knowledge of English that my cousin had to learn in Hong Kong. He told me that they don’t use text book to study English in Hong Kong but learn from telling stories. They have to read many English stories. Of course, the vocab and grammar are way beyond the counterparts in mainland China. Once upon a time, I did think about teaching English in Hong Kong. Somehow I was more favored the teaching system and salary in HK. I believe I could be a good English teacher in HK though. 🙂 In addition, I can speak good Mandarin. Am I bragging? Haha
The phone call lasted for more than 30 minutes. The boy was at home by himself. He’s really a very good boy. I always like to play with him whenever I see him either in GZ or HK. And he’s a very good swimmer. I envy his talent though. Anyway, here’s my virgin attempt to be a creative writer, very naive and I couldn’t remember every word now. But feel free to laugh until your sides hurt! The words underlined are the ones my little cousin doesn’t know that I had to spell it, repeat it extremely slowly and patiently. 🙂
On Sunday, I was doing homework at home. I listened to the recorder as usual. But it was broken. I took it to my tutor teacher. She helped me to check it. But she could not find the problem. I took the recorder back home. My mother and I did not know what to do. What a bad luck! I could not study English without my recorder.

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