Weekend Recognition

“You were a strange girl when you were little,” Mom said to me on our way home yesterday.
“Oh, how strange?” I was curious and asked.
“You didn’t like wearing sandles and skirts! Your aunt got you many nice skirts but you seldom wore them. In rainy days, you didn’t wear sandles. That’s why I suggested to your Dad to get you a pair of rain boots.” Mom was really honest to tell me how strange I was.
“Ha, yes I remembered. I just hated the dirty rainy water getting into my toes.” I recognized I had MONK’s character when I was little.
Mom and I went to buy two pairs of rain boots, one for her, one for me. 🙂 Rainy season will come soon. I don’t have many shoes that can survive in the rainy season. I know in the past I didn’t care much that my sneakers got wet or socks got damp in the rainy days, issues like that. But I reckon I should take good care of my beloved shoes. When passing by many shoe stores yesterday, I also noticed it’s getting more and more difficult for me to find a pair of right-size and right-style shoes. Several shoes I liked but they didn’t have my size. Selecting shoes is like falling-in-love-at-first-sight kind of thing. I glanced at a whole row of shoes displayed on the shelf; no one struck my eyeballs, ok, continue glancing next row…
“If not because of working, you wouldn’t have started recognizing your feminine feature, would ya?” Mom pointed out the fact.
“I guess,” I really don’t know whether I wanna face the fact though.
“You have worn skirts and sandles since you started working,” Mom added.
I said to myself, “With reservations though.” 🙂
Is this called “belated recognition” that I started to be curious about the American teen mags which cover at least 50% on fashion and cosmetics. I often said to my American friend that being an American girl is the happiest–you have so many options for clothing, food and entertainment. Like last night, when I watched “The Apprentice,” the final canditate was assigned to work with Outback Steak. My Yankee friend told me that OUTBACK is a high-end steak house chain. The steak there is really superb. I immediately responsed, if OUTBACK wasn’t in the States but in some corner in Africa, it woudn’t be famous at all. I bet nobody even hear the name no matter it’s OUTBACK or BACKOUT as long as it starts in a poor region. My cynical conclusion is everything in the States will attain global fame as easy as pie. Probably small potato like me would come to fame in some community. That reminds me of the Amish community. Haha~~~cynical grin.
This morning I recognized I had been taking overdue pills for at least a week. I felt nauseous every time I took those two capsules but I hadn’t realized that was the negative effect until this morning when reading the instructions. Then I noticed the expired date. Ha~~ Am I still alive? Or am I talking nonsense now? I opened the box of the cough syrup. What I found shocked me–the label was stuck with mould; the bottle lid was also filled with yucky mould-like stuff. This cough syrup is from a renowed American journalist friend. The bottle hadn’t opened for at least one year. I really had no clue how he stored it. From bagles to cough syrup, why almost everything eatable from this friend has some kind of mould? I haven’t come out of that recognition yet. Advice me!
Anyway, I detached the capsule and saw the yellowish powder which smelt just as nauseous as it went down my stomach. I wrapped it up and chucked it away together with the rest overdue pills. And I used wet tissue to wipe the cough syrup bottle from head to toe patiently. Just like MONK, I can’t live without wipes! I scrutinized every spot of the bottle before I was assured that I could take the syrup from the bottle. Heaven knows, how many overdue pills and moulded food are in my stomach now?
May God bless me a healthy body and alert soul! Amen!!!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recognition

  1. I haven\’t known you believe in God too. Does that also contribute to the enviroment? You\’ve changed too much that I can hardly find the "YOU" in high school time. I\’m just not accostomed to your abrupt change to become such girly. Hope you\’ll find the Mr. Right with your feminine attraction.
    PS. I used to think we could be real close to talk about everything. But that change and distance probably have increased our strangeness. ^ ^

  2. well,so that\’s why i said that the environment would change people when u once said that i becam a lady when i went to college
    god bless u

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