Workaholic Me!

Gosh, I was too workaholic to remember what date and day is today. I thought today was Thursday but after looking up the calendar for a few times, I finally remembered I just gone through the hump of the week.
I realize I should be the most industrious member among our team. When our art editor came to us, discussing the deadline, the schedule all that stuff, I reckoned  I was the first one as usual who had completed the assignments of the May issue. I am supposed to relax a bit now but somehow I happen to find several sound files for my columns in the future issues. So I gotta work on it without taking a break.
I am indeed a workaholic!!! I can highly focus on my work for hours without drinking, snacking and even going to the ladies’ room.
I am indeed a workaholic!!! I can keep typing on the keyboard at the highest speed. And within a few minutes, I can finish inputting a several-page-long article. I could almost  see the smoke from the keyboard after my locomotive fingers tapping on it.
I am indeed a workaholic!!! I can forget time, date and even some must-do errands which are irrelevant to work. I often get to the office very early–the earlist in my team, I may say and I usually get off work later than my workmate Grace, who has lighter workload than me, I assume.
I am indeed a workaholic!!! I can dream about something related to my work. For instance, I have been working on World Cup Germany for my travel column these days. Last night, I dreamed about a German guy and his Hong Kong wife. Totally odd to me!!! I wonder if I spoke German in my dream. So that is to say, even though I am sleeping, my mind is still working.
I am indeed a workaholic!!! I can devote myself to work 100%, putting aside my personal matters. I’ve been wanting to update this space on a daily basis, but when I am sitting in front of the computer, my mind is completely occupied with my work. I am supposed to check out the hotel and flights of the May vacation, but again, I fail to do so.
I am indeed a workaholic!!! I can forget what happened yesterday, the day after yesterday, or even just a couple hours ago. I’m totally brainwashed for that part of record. It’s simply because my heart and soul have been swarm with work.
What’s more, I have to be workaholic!!! Looking at those letters piled up on my desk, I have to say–I have no choice. That’s my work to open the envelop, take out the letters, categorize them, read them one by one and reply to some of the letters.
Oh Christ!!! I want so much to get out of here. I am getting tired of going home these days. Perhaps because I want to complete the work so badly before going home. Getting off work signifys an end of the day. Oh no, I must finish my work!!! 

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