Recollections 1

Gosh, I can’t believe I haven’t updated my space for quite a while!!! What has life left for me? It seems nothing except for fatigue and preoccupation with work.
Anyway, this is a fairly lengthy entry so as to catch up on my current life. 🙂 I reckon myself have been living in a state of catch up on something, i.e. I gotta catch up on lost sleep on the weekends; and I gotta catch up on letters from the readers on Mondays. Sooner or later I gotta catch up on corrspondence with my friends. Now I gotta catch up on research about Bali flights and hotels…
Last Friday, I watched the flick "North Country" whose leading actress Charlize Theron and supporting actress Frances McDormand both got this year’s Oscar nominations. The movie is pretty recent. I was lucky to watch it in China. In fact, the movie theme of feminism reminded me of another flick "Erin Brockovich." The equality between men and women isn’t the only pursuit in the West but also in the traditional oriental world. But in my opinion, the cause is more difficult in Eastern societies, especially country like China where the rooted feudal misconception is still existed in the people’s minds.
While watching "North Country," I had recalled many experiences of mine–both the long-time sorrowful ones and the ones which just happened yesterday. I heard sniffles around me when the movie was towards the end. I didn’t shed tears or whatever but more so reflecting the fragments of the story on my own problems. One, it is obvious that the most direct harm caused by men to women is sexual harassment. Thanks to God’s creation, women are born to be a victim of lust. The physical difference between male and female has brought streams of inspiration to those who are in the creative art industry. But when confronting the bare physical challenge, women have no superior in this respect. In my impression, when women got mistreated or molested, western women tend to report the embarrassed experience, trying to get the justice through legal approach; while Chinese women choose to keep silent, conceal the truth and "let it be". These two discrepant attitudes are thought-provoking. But where can the vulnerable women report their miseries? In the U.S., the relevant organizations and institutes are so easy to find–tel. numbers, e-mail & mailing add. are listed in mags, on TV commercials, newspapers and so on and so forth. What about in China? Few people know the proper solution. What it needs is PUBLICITY!!!
Two, it seems it is a historical problem that daughter and father can hardly communicate well. Father seems unable to think in his daughter’s shoes. In the movie, the problem shows; in reality, the conflict between my dad and I is the real life example. What’s wrong with this world? What has life left for me? How come it is so tough to find someone to understand you? I am not a "crowd" person. Sadly speaking, to someone like me who doesn’t have any siblings, I don’t have a close close girl friend to be on good term with. All through these years, I am pretty much on my own, just like Batman! Just look around me!!! I have lost contact with my classmates, from elementary school to university. The "left-over" ones are only superficial friends, by saying that I mean we haven’t been able to chat about everything and anything. Tragic! A complete fiasco! A total loser, ain’t I? 
Therefore, "North Country" recalled my terrible memories as well as afterthoughts from thought-provoking contemplation; aroused my indignation at nasty behaviors from men; and what’s more, drew me into the mental torture from my past experience. "North Country" is definitely not a touched flick to me but a trigger of my cynical and grieved memories. 

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