Epilogue of My Thoughts

Suddenly I feel so fortunate to have my thoughts heard. This time was another Spanish-speaking friend, my former Spanish teacher. 🙂 Muchas gracias. Sorry for my lame Spanish, besides this, I don’t know what else I can say to show my thankfulness. By courtesy of my Mexican friend, I wanna post part of our conversation–words that I cherish so much.
To both my Spanish and Mexican friends, thank you very much for your concern and patience.
M: flat out?
A: a bit.
M: What’s the prob?
A: Nothing, probably because of my writings…never mind, you don’t have to listen to me. We can talk about something else.
M: Why I don’t have to?
A: ‘Cos you have the right to say no.
M: Did I say no?
A: I assume you would. I am pessimistic.
M: Well, do not assume it. What’s itching you? Life after death? death after death? life after life?
A: Ha, you seem to be interested in it and you think more complex than me.
M: What’s the thing that itches you about it?
A: A major crash happened last Thursday. Six death and twenty injured. I was in the vicinity to the accident. That bothers me. And the quarrel between my dad and me on the same day, that bothers me too.
M: uh-huh. Well, about death…well, as O.Chris says in King of Fighters ’98 "lzure, mina shinundesu yo"(sooner or later, someday we gotta die, right?)
A: Hmm…
M: So there, we have to worry to live life at the fulliest as nobody knows when death is coming. The life is to make life worthy.
A: I totally agree but it’s not your style to comfort me. ‘Cos you are in the dark too.
M: Well, to understand the darkness, you must comprehend the light as well. I started lurking too much in my depth of the human’s darkness… now I try to compensate and balance the equation… darkness it’s not as enjoyable without a ray of light.
A: really, it sounds so make sense.
M: yeh, enjoyed my time in darkness… but it’s time to grow and see life as it is: a world of contrasts, gray tones and lots of color.
A: So you accept brightness and color in your world of darkness now?
M: Of course, everything is part of the picture. What beautiful could be a painting if it’s only black?
A: Indeed. But in the picture of darkness, we have more imagination, at least to me.
M: But we are not talking about imagination, we are talking about contemplation.
A: We can fantisize our images on the canvas cloth of black.
M: oh yeh, of course. I’ll always devote my home to darkness. I feel secure there… but the light helps me to understand my surroundings as well.
A: ditto.
M: so, that’s why you don’t need to be upset, look in the darkness a space of meditation and peace. We don’t know if we’d have that chance to do it beyond…but at least, here we gotta do whatever we want to.
A: I don’t know if your words or the song lyrics works on me…a burst of weeps inside me… don’t know what to say. brb
(after a while)
M: feeling better?
A: yea, I guess…
M: Don’t let the thought of death mourn you. Death will come, whether we like it or not…our duty is to make our life worthy of whatever it is.

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