Her Wicked Life 1

It’s raining hard outside, along with a thunder rumbling in the distance. In her memory, this is the first rain storm in the spring of 2006. The thunder reminds her of the recent argument between her father and her. Nevertheless, the argument hasn’t ended yet…she’s aware of the seriousness of the issue. As she is working at her office desk, her mind can’t help thinking about the conflict. In fact, she knows what’s on her mind is more than the conflict.
She is an ordinary OL (office lady). It’s so ordinary that she calls herself regular Joe or small potato. But her thoughts are not ordinary at all. In fact, probably because of her extraordinary thoughts, she feels terribly depressed and pressured. This story is about her wicked life. "Wicked" has two totally opposite meanings which exactly reflect her contradictory mind. 
The rain continues…her reminiscenece continues as well… Although she’s typing rhythmically on her computer keyboard, her mind is occupied with lots of WHYs and SHOULD or SHOULD-Nots.
–Why can’t her father let her go, let her soar to find her happiness?
–Why has the guy she cares been so unprofessionally friendly with another female friend without telling her?
–Why can’t she find a better solution to make both sides happier?
–Should she give up talking her father into trusting her?
–Should she end the friendship with the guy she cares?
–Should she tell her parents about her biased conception of love and marriage?
The sky is dark, the wind blows fiercely, the trees outside are trembling in fear… What she sees across the window seems to be the exact image of her own inner world–as black as pitch, damp and slimy, chilly and frightful. She’s afraid that some sort of disconnection will happen to her in no time. How much she wants to dive right in the shower and let the rain cleanse her mind and soul. Maybe she will be tougher in the adversity; maybe she will be as rigid as her dad, then she can say no firmly when facing decision; maybe she will leave a freer spirit to realize her dream.
She’s screwed, isn’t she? However, she believes time will be of help. Let bygones be bygones! The first thunder of spring has brought her strength to confront with her family and her guy friends.
(To be continued…)  

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