Her Wicked Life 2

She was late for work today!!!
She was totally occupied today!!!
And what’s more, she was illusive tonight at the dinning table with several big-wheel acquaintances!!!
Thanks to the aweful weather, she couldn’t get a cab to work. In fact, choosing between which pair of shoes to put on, whether the rain boots or the worn-out sneakers, took up sometime in the morning. Eventually, she gotta give up waiting for a cab and took the jammed bus. She believed that her being late for work boiled down to what she had told her friend yesterday about that 5-minute-slow clock in her company. That explanation was in fact a curse!!!
Anyway, she was smart enough to have her workmates taken a half-day leave for her. By the time she reached the office, the clouds had darken the sky. She was wondering if she could find the silver lining behind the dark cloud as the saying goes. However, all she could feel was damp and muggy air when she stepped out to the balcony in her office. The shower eventually came with no string attached, so did she feel–she sighed and said to herself, "I made it…getting back here before being drenched." She began her work with sound mixing which was the favorite part of her duty–getting in touch with music as well as rhythmic foreign language.
She was an OL in the colorful and competitive magazine business. She had no idea how much her job would have benefited her but to date she enjoyed being zoned out after facing the pc screen for successive hours a day.
From the moring till five minutes after the end of the office hour, she was too industrious to realize time was elapsing second by second. If not because she had picked the phone call from her friends who were coming over to pick her up after work, did she recognize it was time to be off duty; would she have continued what she had been doing at work.
Tonight, she was invited to meet some VIPs from the print journalism industry. For some strange reason, she felt edgy and conservative which wasn’t quite herself. She was aware of every move she took, every word she spoke and every gesture she made. She was darn hungry, for she only had six tiny buns for lunch. She wanted to sort of pigging out tonight but in fact, every helping she had was tiny little bit and she gotta chew on them delicately before swallowing down. She starred at the delicacies on the dining table with her mouth watered and stomach growled. However, she had to be well-behaved–it usually took her 3 seconds to masticate; tonight it took her 30 seconds or even more instead. When the patron delivered dishes in front of her, she smiled and took only one piece gracefully. Gosh! She was definitely sham tonight.
The conversation at the dining table went on…all she could cooperate was listen and reply with simple YES or NO. She realized she had problem socializing Chinese acquaintances. She could tell her facial expression was awkward. One reason that she didn’t appreciate the conversation much was the problem to be discussed hadn’t well-planned yet. It was much like blowing hot air to her. Besides, in her eyes these VIPs at the table all had their own so-called "perky" attitude. The discussion went back and forth; one overlapping another; Chinese dialogue merging with the English conversation; what’s more, the volumn wasn’t loud enough to be heard by everyone. Small potato she gotta raised up her back, leaning her body forward in order to pick up the fragments of the sound wave the whole night.
She was tired of this kind of high professional appointment which was quite different from her working atmosphere. Finally, it was over and she immediately went for a bowl of seafood udon. Ah…it definitely hit the spot!!! That’s the best part of the day.
(To be continued…)

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