From Concerto I Associated…

After a fulfilling seafood dinner which I had been thinking about for a long time, I went to the concert hall for one of my favorite conductors, Yip Wing-see’s performance. I was familiar with the first part of the concert. To me, it was almost like noise. But the violinist was engrossed in the piece. I always think a musician is very excellent if s/he doesn’t need to read the music when playing. Some of the musicians are even talented to master several musical instruments at the same time, for example, Bruce Springsteen, a multi-tasker for guitar, harmonica and vocal. Compared to myself, I was a complete fiasco that I can’t even handle one musical instrument.
To an ordinary music buff who doesn’t know anything about music professionally, instead of saying I understand the piece, it should be the emotion I try to comprehend. In my case, I wouldn’t have said the piece played by that Juliard voilinist was bravo if she didn’t put so much emotion and passion to revive the piece. Besides, I liked her evening gown. That’s totally out of my personal bias. Conductor Yip was awesome too. As a matter of fact, the GZ Symphonic Orchestra cooperated with her much better than the other pretty female conductor who was from Shanghai. I am not sure if the classical conductors have to be knowledgeable about every piece. Would they come across the unfamiliar masterpiece? Complication is different from unfamiliarity. Standing from an outsider’s viewpoint, the previous one needs practice and communication with the crew; while the latter one needs repetitious comprehension in search of the echo of sympathy. 
I also noticed the description of the pieces I appreciated from the brochure, in which the words were beautiful and briefly described the background and sentiment of the music. I suddenly realized how magically words can be adequate to the art and music. The words are the concrete embodiment of the abstract form of expression. Without words we cannot communicate, nor can we see through the depth of thoughts. This is the contribution of liberal arts. However, human beings seem to emphasize the significance of science. In a practical example, applicants who apply for the scholarship in the science field often receive larger sum of funds than liberal arts; graduates majoring in science tend to be employed easier and get better pay than liberal arts students. The public witness the great changes that modern technology has brought into; we horrayed for another spacecraft launched successfully. But fewer people would concern about how many great literary giants have provided so much spiritual food for us. Each one represents the unique characteristic of the time; about how many entertainment produce we have been enjoying in order to kill our time. I may think too far away, but it’s true that academics should cherish liberal arts elites as much as the scientists, chemists and other science nerds.      

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