It’s another day in hell…

Gees, my reader outran my writing speed. Alright, let me begin to tell you what the situation of the hell was. Haha…
It was another misty and sprinkling morning, I gotta wrestle with those strangers who were already standing by the roadside to grab a cab. You see, entering the hell is such a feisty job. A random auto came towards me, offering a ride. I knew I had no time to reject this favor, so I bargained the price with the driver. Deal!!! I hopped on the auto and cautiously had it taken me to my destination. On the way, I figured out the driver wasn’t that deceitful as I’d often think. Perhaps I should give him a chance, to put more trust on him. I said to myself.
Thanks to this kind-hearted driver, I was early enough to register at the gate of hell. I was so early that inside one dept. of the hell, I was the only human being, but with a cat–the "mise watcher" in the hell. Christ!!! Even though my family raised a cat in my childhood, I wasn’t sure I had a good feeling for cats. In fact, when I was working in my cubicle, the "meow-meow" creature frightened me a bit. Her cry was so wretched…each sound penetrated my heart and enlarged the pores on my skin. I was like a shier, gluing my ass to the seat, reluctant to move an inch. She saw lights and came towards me. I pretended to be friendly, but it was on the contrary inside me. I guessed she was meowing for food but I didn’t have any except a can of mint candy. She walked away finally…I felt relieved.
The day moved on, the hell wasn’t too bad except you gotta work hard as hell. Until the last hour before I left the cubicle, I got a piece of unfriendly message about the Bali trip arrangement. I regard it as another wrestling situation which I have to deal with. Not much with the matter itself, but more with my travel mate who was fairly subjective and somewhat like a kittle cattle. The stress arose. It mounted in my heart, my brain, my breath, my eyes and my blood pressure. I was speechless in the evening, nor even could I smile in silence. What the hell it is!!!!!

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