Germany Smooths My Stressful Mind

I guess I am really stressed out. It seems everything has to go through my mind before it is nicely settled–work matters, family issues and even the May vacation plan. I haven’t experienced this kind of stress for a long time. In fact, I am on the verge of crying this time. I didn’t have that need when I was in school years.
I want so badly that things can be done smoothly without too much thinking. Yes, just like researching for Germany pictures on the Internet. I enjoyed that moment a lot–without too much thinking, listening to the music and surfing the web in relaxation. Nothing will be better than savoring the beauty of the country through my eyes. I make a metaphor that it is almost an authentic journey when I am looking for pictures for the travel column. Now this time, I am working on the Germany articles. I just came back from Germany!!! It was really a fantastic trip. If you ask me which German city I like the best, I’d tell you Hamburg, based on my knowledge. I find lots of similarity between Frankfurt and Manhattan. And if time permits, I don’t mind spending more time in Neuswanstain and those medieval towns in Germany.
Perhaps just in that particular moment, I was completely drown in beauty and forgot my pressure temporarily. Gosh!!! When will I be able to have my own right as a citizen of the planet, that I can travel to Germany, Holland, New Zealand and even Bali without all those crappy red-tapes. I am getting sick and tired of finding out more negative messages about my May trip now. Today I even reached the lowest point of my mood–how about giving up the travel plan?
I don’t know if I can become a real backpacker but I pray for God’s favor. God only helps those who help themselves, right? I am sort of helping myself right now, standing on the verge of blowing off my stream. Will God help me now?

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