Taxi Flattery

I thought today I had nothing to write about, but at the end of the day, I came across an interesting taxi driver, following with such a complimental conversation:
(I was speaking English with my friend the minute we hopped in the cab.)
Cab driver: Wow, your English is so fluent!!!
KC: Er…just so so.
Cab driver: Oh no, your English sounds so practised. I often picked up white-collars at this section, sometimes they spoke English with each other. But they admitted they couldn’t speak English too long.
KC: Uh huh…well, all you need is practise. (I was quite modest.)
Cab driver: If you keep talking in English without speaking Cantonese or Mandarin, I really can’t tell where you are from.
KC: Oh haha…it just happens to be my major, that’s all. (I was getting embarrassed.)
Cab driver: Oh I see. Are you speaking British English?
KC: Oh no, American.  (I was surprised that he reckoned the difference. And I said to myself, how I wish I could speak British accent. LOL)
Cab driver: Wow, the way you speak sounds you’ve been living abroad for some time.
KC: Haha, not exactly. (I guess I was a bit blushed.)
(After a short moment of silence…)
Cab driver: You continue speaking English, I don’t mean to interrupt you.
KC: Haha, you did not. I gotta think of something to talk about.
Cab driver: You just continue your conversation with your friend. So I can immerse myself in your English.
KC: (I chuckled. And instead of speaking English, I spoke with the driver in Cantonese…)
It seems it has been a while that I haven’t been flattered with my spoken English since I graduated from university. Oh hold the phone, I did remember my ex-boss said something good about my spoken English at the interview. But that’s it! No more. I remember my American teacher friend once said to me, “I know you’ve been hearing this compliment a lot. But my student just wanna tell you that she envy your excellent spoken English.” Upon hearing what she said to me, I was immediately embarrassed. Gosh, how could she find out I had received many compliments from my audience, but they can’t be too many, can they?
I was telling my friend tonight that I wasn’t sure if it was the stress or some other reason, I have been forgetting words these days. Whenever I wanna convey a meaning, I have to think a while to search that exact word. My friend said, that’s because I am very strict with myself, especially the usage of words. If as what my friend said that I use words that most Americans don’t frequently use, I assume I must be a dinosaur of some sort or my vocabulary is too obsolete to be popular again in the modern days. How tragic!!!
Above all, I still remember my critical pal’s comment that I write like someone whose second language is English. Even more tragic!!!
With alas and countless sigh…

4 thoughts on “Taxi Flattery

  1. well, if my writing skill is better than yours, I guess I can take over your job and you will be temporaily jobless

  2. to Steven: 多谢你鼓励播,其实不是自夸,我的写作还过得去,写得不像北美人是正常的,因为我未曾生活在他们的世界里。掉翻转头来讲,你生活在加国甘耐,我林你的写作还不及我。呵呵!
    to xuan: 其实你的英文都好劲嘎啦,体你发比我个封e-mail就知道啦,你依家学D野都系全英文,比我知道仲要多、仲要专业啦。比心机啦!

  3. I totally agree with the cab driver!! ur spoken english is more than good,but excellent!~~~ And so is ur written english~~
    Sometimes i just dont know how you can write so many things in english…for me…well…impossible at the moment……ai…..

  4. well, at least I have read all articles you have written, I seldom found out your writing style looks like typical North American way, be relaxing on word usage, brother!

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