Sunday Rage

I made out a shopping list and went out to shop around. It was Sunday, so I couldn’t shun the crowd in the mall. I checked out the air-con deodorizer online. It’s available on e-Bay. Ok, I thought if I could find it online, it should be no problem in the market. But I was wrong!!!! I ran from underground to the 7th floor in the mall, from supermarket to household appliances dept. my effort was in vain. Great!!!! I guess I have to buy this item online then.
I then went to the book center to look for some travel guidebook. Christ!!! People were everywhere…a long queue waiting to pay for the bill…as long as there is space, there are human beings. The moment I saw there was a long queue standing at the counter, did I give up my attempt to inquire. Alas, I left the book center disappointedly.
On my way home, I had an argument with the taxi driver. I remember my peers once said that I did not lose temper often. So thinking back, I must have been very mad. The taxi driver tried to take the path which was in gridlock instead of listening to me to take the other way. His defence was there was no exist and he would break the law if he took that way. I was furious. What a country bumpkin!!!!
At last, I got home unhappily. I was so p.o. that I burst into tears. Gees! This happens quite often these days. I reckon I must have been under great stress. What’s worse, my mom made some soup for me. Unexpectedly, I threw up most of it. Gosh!!!! What’s wrong with me? Since then, my appetite has gone. After dinner, I measured my body temperature. Great!!! It was 37.8C. I hit the sack before nine o’clock.
What a day!!!! What a torture!!!
This morning, I woke up early, finding myself sweating a lot. After a shower, I puked again. Although I kept sweating, the body temperature dropped to 36.3C. I didn’t have breakfast at all because of no appetite, because I was afraid I would threw up everything again. I had difficulty finding a cab to work again. In the end, I took a bus. I felt my legs weren’t mine–almost numb.
It’s only Monday, but I already feel I am out of shape. Swell!!!!

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